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Running Dogs

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So about a year and a half ago, I began to ran with my dogs (they're bichon frises). However, a couple of months ago, the older one stopped getting excited and stopped coming all together. Now recently, the younger one who still goes is sometimes slower, though this might be due to the mud and whatnot around (the snow just melted recently).

Should I be concerned? Thanks!
I would not be worried. Some dogs like to run and others don't. I know that my dogs love to run around whenever I do not want them to and it irritates me to no end, and then if I try to take them out for a run or something like that they are not in the mood. They are just like kids in some ways.
Haha! This reminds me of our dogs back then. I would race on the ATV with ours. Six huge dogs running around far enough to not get hurt but following. We lived on a huge farmland and there was enough space. One dog, who wasnt old or too young, would hop up onto the ATV with me and sit in between my legs and lol his tongue out getting his saliva all over the place. It was fun enough to watch him so I didn't mind.

But yeah, every dog has a different personality. If it makes you more comfortable, get him to a vet for a check up for any arthritis or pain etc but I'm sure he's doing great.
Please be aware that some breeds or dogs should not run or limit how much they run, specially if they are big breeds and susceptible to hip dysplasia, but bichons are fine, if anything they need to burn all that energy.

Maybe they don't feel like running non stop because for them, part of the whole experience of going outside is to stop and check out new scents and sights, it is like running through a museum visit without stoping to check out any of the paintings! :D
Maybe you can relate to this. Whenever I would arrive home, our dogs would go berserk with excitement. I drive a car and the mere sound of the horn that signals my arrival would turn our dogs into frenzy. And when I enter the door, they would run to welcome me.

But lately, Tisoy, our 8-year old spitz, is not doing that anymore. But I see that he is still excited to see me and sometimes he also comes to the door but often he just stares at me with wagging tails. The vet suspects that Tisoy has arthritic limbs and having a hard time moving. But the arthritis is not always there so it is difficult to conclude.