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Rescued Dog?

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Someone from my neighborhood bought a dog for $3,000. The shiba mix only had three legs. She had one surgical removed for some reason. Does this count as a rescue? It was a rumor that someone bought her by the way. My cousin is not the most reliable person. In fact, I don't even like this particular cousin. Could of been a complete lie. Do you believe in this?
It's possible. as people will pay money for almost anything, but it does seem unlikely that they paid $3000 for her unless she's a pedigree breeding dog. You said she's a Shiba mix, so she's not a pedigree, and rescues and shelters almost always spay.

Usually I've heard 'rescue' used for shelter dogs or ones that have come through animal rescues, rather than ones that were purchased. Whether it counts as a rescue depends on the conditions she was kept in, what would have happened if they hadn't taken her, etc. Literally, if they were rescuing her then she's a rescue. Just having three legs doesn't make a dog a rescue dog and the fact they bought her - at six times the going rate for a Shiba Inu! - does mean that I probably wouldn't count her as a rescue.
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I guess you're right, Frisbee. :) It depends on her past conditions. I don't know her back story. Maybe they bought her to flaunt their money or something. :mad: