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relative to the floor wax, floor oil with natural non-toxic

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 21, 2017.

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    care, maintenance.Floor oil and floor wax function, maintenance of the floor. But relative to the floor wax, floor oil with natural non-toxic, after the floor issued a touch of wood fragrance characteristics. The role of the floor oil is dry-proof, moisture-proof, scratch-resistant, can effectively extend the service life of the wood floor, under certain circumstances also has a bactericidal effect, it is suitable for wood
    floor maintenance. Introduction of floor oil The so-called floor oil is the floor of essential oils, floor spirits, wooden floor oil, wood oil, wood oil. Floor oil is based on wood or in the wood when the secretion of their own oils and deployment, the grease can maintain the characteristics of wood. Wood has its own characteristics of permeability and absorbency. If it is lacking, it is easy to lose the characteristics of
    plants. Woody materials can easily undergo material variations with the environment and various changes. Wood, as a natural material, has been cut down to make floors or furniture without losing these features. Therefore, after being made into a floor, if it can be recuperated regularly with the ingredients close to the resin, the service life of the floor can be prolonged and the abrasion resistance can be
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