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reached 8500 rpm above, wear-resistant layer

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    temperature consumed by the energy consumption. 7. The rainy season often open the floor can help remove tide. 8. Regular cleaning the floor, waxing (except for strengthening the floor), local dirty stains can be cleaned with detergent, shall not use steel balls or acid alkali cleaning. 9. Prohibit the nail directly on the warm core floor nail. 10.When cleaning the floor, please use the vacuum cleaner or wring the
    Mop along the long side of the floor wipe, not water rinse. 11. Overweight objects should be placed smoothly, moving heavy objects, furniture, etc., in order to lift appropriate, do not push and pull drag, in the shop floor area, larger furniture weight should not be placed symmetrically, so as not to affect the free expansion of the floor . 12. Do not use sharp weapon scraping, draw the floor surface. 13. Avoid
    long-term direct sunlight, rain. 14. Indoor humidity should be kept at 40-70%; Indoor humidity ��40%, appropriate humidification measures should be taken; Indoor humidity��70%, proper ventilation and moisture removal measures should be taken. The above content is a good home Xiaobian for everyone to introduce warm core floor maintenance and repair methods, I hope for everyone to help. More
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