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Rare Breeds You Want or Just Like

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I was looking up the world's rarest dogs breeds and came across the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. It was originally an experimental breeding between the working-line German Shepherds and Carpathian wolves. While they were originally intended to be military working dogs, they became the national breed of Slovakia. I want one because it'll probably the bet closest I would ever get to having a dire wolf. I would want a female and name it Nymeria.

So while I will probably never have one because they are probably really expensive and hard to get. I can dream. Are there rare breeds that you love and if you got a chance would get as a pet?
Wow I'd never heard of Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs, but they're most interesting! They are so cool! As for me, I'd like to have one of those Mexican Hairless Dogs or Xolos. I think they're quite rare, I mean I've never seen one in real life. I saw them on TV and just fell in love. They're so...I don't know how to say it, but they appeal to me.
There are a few wolf looking breads out there. Some look more wolf like then others but this breed could easily get away with looking exactly like a wolf. I just hope it doesn't have a difficult personality.
For me, anything that could be considered a wolf-hybrid is a dog I wouldn't mind having. Of course, because they're wolves rather than dogs, getting one is difficult. I can't image keeping a wolf in my Japanese apartment... even if it is bigger than the standard. But would I do it if I could? Heck yes.

The other rare dog breed I happen to love is the Tibetan Mastiff. Preferably with a cream colored coat. I would name him Aapa, stick a saddle on him, give a 'yip yip' and ride him to work.


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I've always loved Belgian Tervurens, and they're on my list of dream breeds that I want to own someday. They aren't super rare or exotic, but they aren't common around here at all. I've actually never seen one in person, only in photos and in videos. Someday, when I have a place big enough to accommodate another big dog, I'll have one.
I really like both the Siberian Husky and the huge Alaskan Malamute. Both of these Dogs are Wolf like Dogs and not so Much expensive compared to other exotic Pets. the main Problem is these Pets are suited to a much Colder Climate than what we have here in India. Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies are both Majestic Dogs. I might even move into Canada so that I can own one of these gorgeous Dogs. Good Luck with getting your Favourite Dream Dog.
I've recently become fascinated in Neapolitan Mastiffs. They are so big and beautiful. I have never seen any in my area, and I'm assuming they may be rare. I saw a beautiful solid black one on the dog shows in my area a few weeks back. Since then I've been dreaming of adding one to my family!
Ovcharkas, Samoys, Malamutes and Harlequin Great Danes are some of my must-have dogs. Unfortunately, they're not common in my side of the world. I live in the tropics and those dog types I just mentioned do not really thrive here because we do not have winter and the weather can be extremely hot, causing them to dehydrate right away.
The New Guinea Singing Dog got its name from its unique howling, but now It's well known as an excellent companion from its intelligence and physical ability. Is a dog breed capable to climb trees for hunting prey and are quite rare. Most people still can't tell if those dogs are whether wild animals or pets.
I've always wanted a Newfoundland, but they are extremely rare around here and to get a pure bred one out of state runs you in upwards of $1500, which I definitely cannot afford. So, I'll just settle for my Beagle. He thinks he's huge if that counts.
We have several in less common breeds our family. The biggest is a Catahoula Leopard hound. She's pretty easy going and gets along well with the other dogs. The next down in size is a hybrid, a Bospin.They're a mix between a miniature pincher and a Boston Terrier. This boy just lives to be loved. The smallest is the Brussels Griffon in the photo. He is a character. VERY smart. He only gets along well with dogs he knows well.
Well, there are plenty of dogs I've only seen around once or twice in my life which I would really love to have, I saw a grey shar-pei one day when I was working out at the park and I was just like WOW, it's a beautiful dog, I also saw a bull-terrier, that's another piece of beauty, there are many others I would like to have but they're quite expensive and also aggressive sometimes so it's way better to see them at the park :p
One of the dogs that i like best, and that you seldom ever see , is an Afghan Hound. Afghans are a sight hound, as opposed to a Bloodhound, which is a scent hound. They were used in chasing game animals, or in hunting predators like lions/cougars, rather than tracking the animal like a scent hound does.
To my way of thinking, nothing is more regal-looking than an Afghan hound, and they can run and jump almost as fast as a Greyhound can.
Their long, silky coat requires a lot of grooming everyday, and they need to be kept in a secure fence, because if they escape, they will literally run for miles and miles, and then they can’t find their way back home again.