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pursuit of imported materials, domestic tree species

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 17, 2017.

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    ; Even worse, low-grade high-end timber, consumers must not be confused for the name, clear the material, so as not to be taken. At the same time do not too much pursuit of imported materials, domestic tree species, many areas of the tree quality and price are better than similar imported species. Solid wood composite flooring to buy methods 1, look at the appearance of solid wood flooring is divided into
    excellent, first class, qualified three categories. Appearance quality is an important basis for grading. When buying, first of all depends on the surface of the color of wood, texture is clear, the general surface should not have decay, holes, insect holes, cracks or patchwork lax and other wood defects, wood texture and color sense should be harmonious. Also check the floor around the tongue and tongue and
    groove are flat. 2, to clarify the types of solid wood flooring there are two, one for the three solid wood flooring, from the table, core board, backplane three layers of wood together. Another multi-layer solid wood flooring by the seven or nine layers of composition, stability, better than the three solid wood flooring. At the time of purchase according to their own needs, choose three or more solid wood
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