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protective paint caused by discoloration Floor

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 17, 2017.

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    storms. In this season of frequent weather changes, your home floor moisture work well? Flooring moisture can not be ignored, good moisture-proof measures to keep your floor always gloss. Understand the floor wet: common floor moisture analysis Moisture will easily moldy and deformed floor. Do not think that only the spring floor will be wet, in summer, due to the weather is unstable, often typhoons,
    wooden floor easily damp because of the sudden change of weather. Therefore, the anti-curl in the summer is also a big problem, there are many people at home the floor has been damp phenomenon such as moldy. Experts dignitaries Weapon: Wet emergency measures If found on the floor surface grow a small amount of mildew, the timely use of warm bleach to 1: 3 dilution ratio and water mixing, dipped in a
    soft cloth to wipe. Note that the concentration of bleach should not be too high, too high concentration will destroy the waxing of the floor surface, so that the floor was rubbed off the site fade. If the local floor moldy, you need to immediately remove the moldy floor, put the new floor, so as not to mold infection to other intact floor, resulting in mildew. Do a good job of daily maintenance: learn to keep a small
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