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Discussion in 'Dog Photos and Videos' started by TacomaGirl, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. TacomaGirl

    TacomaGirl New Member

    -hought I'd get this thread started. Here's where pet mamas and papas can proudly show off pictures of their pups! The below pic is of my Australian Shepherd, Skippy. Not bad for a cell phone pic, eh? What do your dogs look like?

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  2. Ladyferoz

    Ladyferoz Member

    Here is Baymax, he is a little bigger now but he is the cutest puppy ever. He is a Samoyed.

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  3. tessa982

    tessa982 New Member

    This is Sapphire she is a Cane Corso :). This is a pic of her when she was a puppy the day we brought her home at 8 weeks old. 458593_10151871170370707_1261123482_o.jpg

    This is another of her as a puppy a week or so later.


    Here is a picture of her now full grown. It's hard to tell how big she is in this picture but she's a big dog lol! Big and loveable!!

    One more to show her size a little more. She has a big head!

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  4. Ladyferoz

    Ladyferoz Member

    Oh my, what an absolute cutie. I never heard of this breed before. Are they an active breed? How is their temperament? So cute, I think I'd definitely look into adopting this breed once I get a bigger place. Those eyes are so beautiful!
  5. Pogykt

    Pogykt New Member

    Here's my chi, Pete. He's about 5 months old.

    and here he is on one of our walks, investigating the creek
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  6. jc banks

    jc banks New Member

    You all have beautiful dogs its good to share so I will share my skittles to. She is missing her boy in this picture he is at work she broke into his room this is how I found her.

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  7. softonic

    softonic New Member

    This is my dog :))) <3

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  8. swalia

    swalia Member

    I have a five years old pug named Doodle.
    He is the laziest yet most adorable dog we ever had. 1451315_10200157138810530_932789861_n.jpg
    He is also the most disobedient one and yet everyone loves him so much. He is a total spoiled brat.
  9. LaneA

    LaneA Member

    Your dogs are adorable! :p
    This is my oldest dog Bruno, he's 8 years old now and he's the cutest boxer ever! IMG_0865.jpg

    And here is my other dog, he's a chihuahua named Tomás, he's currently four years old, I think. He loves sleeping next to someone, even if it's too hot. IMG_2058.jpg
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  10. Jezeray

    Jezeray Member

    One is him pretending to drive the truck while we waited for my partner. The other is at the beach. He loves the beach. See that loose leash as he stands at heel and looks up at the person holding it? That took a lot of work because all he wants is for us to unhook it so he can go play with the other dogs.

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  11. hippyzomby

    hippyzomby New Member

    That ball is his girlfriend. He is not fixed because he is full blood black husky. So to keep his bloodline good he has a ball that he likes to "hug". It has really helped the humping problem he had a month ago. Everything was his victim, now he has the ball and that poor ball gets it. :)

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  12. TessV

    TessV New Member

    This is Zero with one of his kitten friends:


    and this is Jack doing what Jack does best: being happy.
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  13. PuppyLove

    PuppyLove New Member

    All of your dogs look so beautiful, happy and well taken care of. Here are some pics of my three babies. First, we have Miss Sugar Love. She is a 5 1/2 year old whit Boxer girl and I got her from a friend 2 years ago. She is the most perfect dog I have ever known. She is an excellent watch dog, devoted pet and is so very smart. 12512245_1289079167774423_3160640987269683311_n.jpg Next we have our sweet Kirby Max. He is a Norfolk Terrier mix and I believe he is around 2-3 years old. I got him from a lady who had taken him in as a stray back in January. He is my little cuddle bug. He is definitely a Mommy's boy. He follows me every where I go, takes naps with me and loves giving me kisses. He loves everyone who comes around and has great fun playing with his toy squeaky mouse. Which sounds strange, but is fitting because Norfolks are bred to catch mice and other rodents.
    KirbyMax (2).jpg
    Finally, we have our funny little Edgar Allan. He is a Chug (Pug/Chihuahua mix) and he is playful, hyper and a total lover boy. We adopted him from a shelter back in March and were told he is about 2 years old. But, he acts sooo playful and still has so many puppy-like behaviors, I think he is actually younger than that. He is a big time Daddy's boy and thinks the sun sets and rises on my husband. 13232942_1329000320448974_8868727386115836423_n.jpg
  14. DogDave

    DogDave New Member

    Santana the semi-wonder dog! santana_car1.jpg
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  15. Helter

    Helter New Member

    This is my little 12 years old puppy. I've bought her as a chihuahua but as you can see now that is definitely not the case. Sometimes I have my doubts that she is even a dog. Some sort of an overgrown rat maybe.
  16. amelia88

    amelia88 New Member


    This is Banjo from his grooming appointment back in the Spring! I love the groomer we take him to, they always have a cute background set up for the pets to have pictures with after their appointment!

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