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pick wooden floor

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 22, 2017.

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    There are many types of home floor, generally divided into solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, parquet, bamboo flooring and cork flooring, solid wood flooring and laminate flooring which is modular decks application stream the most common. Solid wood flooring Material level: Natural wood flooring is of course the best environmentally friendly products, pure wood flooring is very expensive, wood is not spliced, processed from the floor. Solid wood flooring by grade is divided into AA grade, A grade and B grade, of which AA grade is the best quality solid wood flooring.
    Disadvantages: easy arch, easy deformation, wear resistance Advantages: warm and soft, natural milk jug fence composite and pleasant, sound insulation, good foot feel, etc. Buy Method: Solid wood flooring can clearly see the wood lines, the most common real wood flooring on the market For 18mm, some brands also produce 20-22mm or 15mm. In the application, whether 15 mm or 22 mm, can meet the practical effect of the floor, but the floor thickness on the floor of the precious, grade, feel a certain impact on the value.
    Size, in general, the more short, narrow, thick floor, the more stable, but in a large area of pavement, grade and grade slightly less than good; large composite external wood decking germany area pavement, long and wide board may be more suitable. Care and maintenance methods: dry erase; you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust; dissolved with a natural lyse - orange oil, remove stains. Use natural actives - saponins, with stains if wood flooring, or use a soft abrasive with a clean decontamination effect. Water, fire, anti-wear, it is recommended that once every two or three months, you can hit the floor once geom wall panel Austria the floor wax. Laminate: Divided into laminate flooring and solid wood complex and the floor.

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