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Petie the Beagle is a closet gymnast

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Ok, so I moved in with my dad a few months ago. He has a lovely ranch house that he shares with out family Beagle, Petie. However, the basement has been turned into a separate apartment that I have now rented. Anyway, I usually go upstairs to Dad's living quarters during the day and watch TV with him and play with Petie. At night, I usually return to my own apartment to go to bed. Well, Dad tends to go to bed early, but I'm quite a night owl. So every evening, sometimes multiple times an evening, I hear this noise. The best way I could describe it is sort of a squeaky mattress sound. Honestly, the noise sounds like two people on a squeaky mattress having "relations" if you get my drift. I thought maybe my dad had some female company even, but after hearing it every night, I knew for sure that no 70 year old man was quite that virile. So, the other night, I was so curious, I ventured upstairs anyway. I was really quiet and actually caught Petie jumping up and down on the couch like a little kid. I never saw such a site, particularly not from lazy, chubby little Petey. As soon as he saw me, he completely froze, fell off the couch and acted like he was sleeping! Like a kid that got caught with his hand in the cookie jar! I laughed so hard, it woke Dad up, who thought the whole incident was extremely hilarious (particularly the part about him possible having female company every night).