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Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Dec 7, 2017.

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    more appropriate. Four major advantages of eco-floor, over a small family to share finished, I hope we understand the ecological floor is helpful.Epoxy resin floor is a dust-free material, with strong adhesion, abrasion resistance, flat seamless, acid and other characteristics, in our life is widely used. introduce epoxy resin floor below is the construction process and construction considerations, for
    your reference decoration. First, the construction process of epoxy floor 1, the base surface treatment: polished clean, the base surface requires drying, no hollow drum. 2, primer: closed base, enhance adhesion. 3, the coating: According to the design thickness of sand, putty putty. 4, painted grinding, vacuuming. 5, roller coating epoxy paint. Second, the epoxy floor construction Notes 1,
    the foundation should be waterproof engineering treatment (moisture less than 8%). 2, the new inverted concrete surface, the surface smoothing, can not be empty shell phenomenon. 3, the new construction of concrete base maintenance period of 28 days or more. Epoxy floor construction process and construction precautions, over a small family to share finished, I hope we understand the
    50x50 house plans with fence deck pool
    composite yard decking
    nontoxic hollow wood floor in france

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