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Organic Food

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I'm a fan of k-pop and one of my favorite rappers would only buy organic food for his dog. I was wondering if anyone does that for their pets? I was wondering if there were actual benefits to having organic food instead of the usual regular food. I've been switching to my dog food being half hard and half wet because my dogs like the crunchiness of the hard food. But I'm unsure where I stand with getting my dogs organic food. What are your thoughts and do you have any recommended brands?
With organic and inorganic, you just need to see inorganic as the gamble. Because you aren't allowed to know what went into the process of creating the food, you are just left with this randomized food product that you are legally barred from learning about or getting conclusive data on.
The main difference is that organic costs more money. I would assume that inorganic is based off organic materials and thus provide similar results. I tend to buy organic more though since I can see exactly what is going into my pets.


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While organic food is slightly more expensive, I think it is definitely a better choice for your dog. It is a proven fact that eating organic food is healthier for humans. I wouldn't want to put any dangerous chemicals in my sweet puppies bodies. However, I understand that sometimes it isn't financially an option. In that case I think it is important to just keep your dog active and make sure to feed him healthy things when possible.
Well, as I can recall there were no organic food at the time when I had a dog, so it was not an option for me. However, now I don't see a reason why you wouldn't buy it. As being said above it's proven that the organic food is better for the health. So, if the money is not the issue for you then you should definitely try it out and see if your dog likes it or not.
Well I would say that in general it is probably best not to base your decision on what rappers do, but in this case he certainly has his head in the right place, so consider yourself lucky. I am the type of person who is too concerned with costs to go the organic route, so until I start to see really convincing studies for why I need to buy it, I will continue to buy the cheaper stuff. It seems to working just fine.
We really don't have a guarantee about organic food here. Sometimes the label says so but we are not sure. What we feed our dogs is cooked food. At least we are assured of the fresh and clean ingredients unlike canned dog food which is processed and we don't exactly know the ingredients and what it had gone through before canning.

Our dog food is the simple boiled meat or fish. Sometimes we fry fish and meat to give it a bit of flavor than the bland boiled food. But our dogs love their cooked food even if we do not put seasoning. It is plain chicken meat that is boiled or pork or fish and sometimes beef.
It's hard to acquire organic food where I'm from due to the type of climate we experience here. The dog breeds abundant in my country aren't the picky types either. They're mostly mixed breeds. It's easy to manage these breeds. You can feed them anything from fried fish to chicken/beef/pork bones to rice mixed with canned sardines. We can't impose an organic diet because it's not only more expensive, but such a diet doesn't sit well with mongrels or mixed breeds.