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Not too smart dogs...

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Boy, do I have a story to tell you guys. Or it's rather a weird coincidence. Anyway, I once had a beagle mix named Diamond who played keep away and "guard the toy". Guard the toy meaning 'leave a toy in one of her favorite spots in her sight as bait and then chase after the one who steals it.' I guess you can call it cops and robbers. haha. This dog was so energetic and fast that she ran face first into the tail pipe of truck. Head first. Strangest thing is later I got another dog who looked sort of like her. Mila ran into the same truck, in the same way. I want a third dog, who's black and will, hopefully, look entirely different. This should break the chain of bad luck.
Kind of reminds me of when we used to live in our old house there was one step that seemed to get every dog every time and they never seemed to remember it or adapt to it. I guess they just had a short term memory. Overall they were pretty smart dogs though, but I have seen some in my day that I would classify as intelligent, and they were always running into things.
I guess you should just keep a close watch on your dogs to prevent that "bad luck" from happening over and over again. We do not let our dogs go out of the house. They can roam freely within our home's premises, but once outside, we walk them around with a leash so that they don't get into any accident.
I would also suggest that you watch over your dogs since dogs are generally clueless with regard to moving vehicles. I have observed many dogs killed on the highways and others cross busy roads in spite of oncoming vehicles at close range narrowly missing being hit. They require to be trained with regard to this aspect.
I am really sorry to hear about that. Stealing pets is something more and more common sadly, what is an absurd because there are loads of animals available. Some gps collar might help?
What! That is so cute! My dog doesn't do anything like that, she's the typical "I bring the toy, you throw it" type of dog. That's adorable that your dog hides out and waits for someone to approach their toy, I don't think my bull boxer has enough of an attention span to do that.
Its not particularly about a dog, but my cat has the same problem. They say cats always land on four feet, but not mine! He is constantly trying to jump on his toy or furniture. He will miss his target completely, hit his self fast first, and bounce back to the floor. We have a lot of fun giggly at his clumsyness.
Maybe your cat has some sort of health issue? It can be related both with vision or the hearing as we know balance is closely related to the hearing function. Either cases you could have him checked by a vet?
Haha, the cop and robber story is so cute, and that is really smart plan.

My son told me that our dog develops a game with his girl friend that I thought very smart too. He brought a toy to her and used his nose to push the toy under the couch. Then he asked her to get it. As soon as she bended down getting the toy out, he goes to town with clicking her face; and the whole process begun again. I thought that was clever of him :)