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Nora Nora Nora Building Materials

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 22, 2017.

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    Periodically check the floorboard to verify that it has good adhesive extension. 4. After rolling the floor planks on the ground, any walk-in should be avoided except for the necessary installation work, and the adhesive part should also be restricted. The adhesive should be slightly walked within a full 12 hours. Avoid frequent walks within 24 hours. Under normal conditions, it takes 48 hours for the adhesive to
    completely solidify. 5, the final application of the continued (1) check adhesive is glued to all the ground. (2) No traffic within 12 hours. (3) 4-hour ban on frequent walking. (4) Prohibit the passage of heavy equipment or vehicles within 2 hours. (5) Covering for 1-2 days to protect the laying ground from the sunlight, moisture and other construction work during and after installation. (6) The adhesive should be
    kept at the recommended temperature (15 ~ 30 ��) during solidification. (7) Avoid touching the previously cleaned floor surface within 72 hours to allow the adhesive to completely solidify. Note: When the adhesive is not completely solidified or the original pasty material is too thin to completely connect the floorboard, it will cause a slight lift at the edge line. In this case, sandbags or weights should be used to
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