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At what age do you think is a good age to neuter a dog? I personally waited until the dog is an adult before neutering because I don't want to interfere with its growth. But I know people who have their dogs neutered at a very young age because they know they don't want them to have puppies or to get aggressive. Do you have a personal preference for when you had your dog neutered?


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There's no perfect age for neutering, some people neuter dogs as soon as they get them because they don't want to risk anything. I neutered my dogs when they were 2 years old each, mostly because they stopped growing and I felt like it was a good time. I'm not really sure dogs get aggressive when they're not neutered, but don't quote me on that.
As Fuzyon said, there really isn't a perfect time to neuter your pet. Like you, I would want to wait until my dog was a full adult to neuter them. Even if they weren't effected by it, I would still like them to be adults. The idea of neutering a puppy has always bothered me because they are so innocent in nature. Regardless of what time you do it, it's not going to hurt their growth process. I would bring your dog in to be neutered when you feel the time is right.
Our only female dog, the pekingese Barbie, was given to me by our lady vet. And since our 2 other dogs are male, reproduction is an issue since I don't want Barbie to get pregnant. The suggestion of the lady vet is to have Barbie spayed. But at the thought of undergoing anesthesia, my husband and I declined. No thanks, we'd rather do it our way. Barbie was to be spayed after her first menstruation, that's about 1 year old, if I remember correctly.

Whenever Barbie would be in heat, we would confine her in a cage so the male dogs couldn't hit her. It's a kind of torment not for Barbie but for our male dog Tisoy would be guarding Barbie's cage all day. In times like that, Barbie would sleep in the cage which is in the living room while our male dog Tisoy is in our bedroom upstairs. In normal times, they both sleep in our bedroom.
My dog was neutered after he reached 6 months old, and that was from his Vet's recommendation. Nothing really changed with his behavior after the neutering, he was growing just fine, and he wasn't looking for female dogs :)

My daughter's dog, about the same age as my dog, is not neutered so when he is outside, it is very hard for her to control him. He is now two years old, and I am sure it has something to do with all the female dogs in heat.