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My Loyal Companion

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Hello everyone! :)

I would just like to share how I really appreciate my dog's presence and the loyal companion it gives me. I am a stay-at-home mom who also works at home in my computer, and most of the time it is just me and my dog who's left in the house.

Sometimes when I'm just too tired doing my chores and my work, I would just sit next to my dog and talk to it as though I'm talking to a real person. It's also as if my dog understands me because it attentively listens and looks at me when I speak. Let's just say that we both understand each other because we've been companions for a long time now. I consider my dog as my loyal best friend more than anyone else now.:)
The great thing about dogs is that they don't hold grudges or act like they're superior beings (qualities which cats tend to have). Once they recognize you as master and friend, they will devote themselves to you no matter how many times they get ignored. It's a little heartbreaking, though. That's why I try my best to spend some time with our dogs no matter how busy my life gets. A simple pat on the head or just talking gibberish with them can actually take off some of the stress.
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I agree with what you said @xTinx. :) Although it might look and sound a bit crazy for some people but talking to a dog does relieve stress and release tension especially if you have been in a really bad day. The fact that your dog is there sitting beside you, silent as though listening and understanding every word you say is already a very comforting gesture that sometimes even humans can't provide.
I feel like reading myself with the posts here. I have a daytime job but our 2 dogs sleep in our bedroom so companionship is still there. As I arrived for dinner, those 2 dogs are already by my side. After dinner, we would be watching tv together and when I go up the bedroom, they would bark to remind us that they too would go up (they are trained not to climb the stairs to avoid accidents). And when my husband is away for the night, I don't feel alone because of my dogs. You bet that I bring them along when I go to the market although they just stay in the car with my husband.
Dogs are really loving animal, I would say the most loving of all animals. We have 3 dogs here at home, there is one dog that came from my grandmother. He's name is Garfield, this dog was given to my grandmother by his friend and he was only 3 month old back then. Since that Garfield is the only companion of my grandmother night and day because she was living at her apartment on her own; for some unknown reason she wanted to be alone. Whenever I visited my grandmother's place this dogs is very playful and cheerful, I cannot recall a time that this dogs was on a gloomy or sad state. But when my grandmother passed away. Things changed, particularly for this dog. We took him to our house first to continue the love that my grandmother offered to him. Second, thinking that he would like our place because he will have other dogs as companion or to play with. Unfortunately, 6 months have past since my grandmother died, Garfield still the same, yes now somehow he is playing with other two dogs (Ichigo and Bruno). But still, I am looking to old Garfield that playful and cheerful like he was when my grandmother was around.
I've never encounter an animal more loving than a dog. We can learn a lot from dogs. From being a friend to a family. I never trusted anyone the way I trust my dogs. They are more than just my pet. I consider them as my babies. They are my diary. I always take my time to tell them how my day went and I think that I already have a deep connection with them because they know how my day went as soon as a step my feet inside our house. When I'm sad or when my day isn't good, I immediately go to my bedroom and shut the door close and my dogs always follow me upstairs and they make my day bearable again. When I am happy, I approach them or I go to the kitchen and they stay at their places, playing and I'll join them in a minute or two. That has been the routine ever since. They give the comfort everyone could ever ask for and I love my dogs and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.
Same here, I have dogs for the companionship more than anything, and they're the best. It helps that they have almost the similar sleep pattern as me, so we can play together and rest at the same time for maximum cuddles and playtime
My dog is a great companion too. He is always beside me whenever I go outside. It is like having an instant best friend. He also barks at someone that looks suspicious when I'm with him. With that I fell safe. :)
Tiger is the name of our dog I will never forget he was given to us when he was still a puppy. He is cheerful and a playful fun dog with full of energy, you have to exhaust him in playing outside to ensure that he will not chew all that he see in a room. Do you believe that sometimes, dogs will sacrifice his/her life to save his/her master. Well, I do. Tiger is totally healthy, one day he got ill and for two days he's not getting up, and I begun to get worried. On the third day it was Saturday, my father told my mother that he'll be going out with his friends so I opened our gate, to my surprise Tiger rose, walked and laid on the middle of the street, like he was stopping my father from going out with our car. My father shouted at him and told him to move to the side, after that he asked me to move him. I gently approached Tiger and whispered " You are still sick, why did you get up?" he just looked at me. So I a grabbed and lifted him back to his bed. Sadly that night Tiger died.

It was midnight, my mother received a call from my father's friend, informing us that my father is in the hospital. My father is well but he got stitches on his arm, among all of the passengers of our car my father was the only one who got hurt, the car was wrecked, it struck a pole near a junk shop. A metal bar pinned on the windshield luckily that no one got seriously hurt that night. When my father got home, I told him that Tiger passed a way, that Tiger saved him, he was sorry that day and whispered " Thank you Tiger".
My dog is a very much loyal companion because I could tell to her each and everything about my insights, my problems, and everything that I am in tension of and she'll listen to me. Whenever I talk to her, she will sit beside me which makes me feel that during my saddest moments she's always there to comfort me. Then before I go she will kiss my feet as if she wants to tell me that I am not alone and then my worries will be lessen.