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My dog pisses himself everytime my girlfriend come over

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behavior' started by Fermin420, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Fermin420

    Fermin420 New Member

    I remember watching something like this on the Dog Whisperer but never happened to me, actually it still doesn't happens to me. The problem is with my girlfriend, she likes to baby talk to my dog in a way that makes him crazy and for some reason he pees, I try doing this but nothing happens so I'm a little bit confused... does he loves her more now? and how can I make this situation stop?
  2. Pogykt

    Pogykt New Member

    It sounds like submissive urination. Basically, he may be misinterpreting your girlfriend's gestures as confrontational and dominating, and he's peeing himself to show submission. It's usually very common in timid and shy dogs.

    You should instruct your girlfriend to greet him more calmly and quietly. If he does pee, don't punish him, as it will only make the problem worse. The key to stopping his behavior is to get him used to other people and noises so his confidence grows. A good way to do this is to bring your girlfriend and other friends around more often, so your dog gets used to other people being in the house. Make sure they all greet your dog calmly and quietly, so he feels comfortable. When he doesn't pee himself, be sure to have them give him treats.
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  3. Fermin420

    Fermin420 New Member

    Interesting, never crossed my mind he felt threatened by my girl, on the other hand, she never had a dog before and I did notice she tends to over hug him and stuff. Thanks for replying so fast! ill try your advice and let you know.
  4. IcyFirefly

    IcyFirefly Member

    I used to have a dog who is very nervous. She dripped pee every time she saw a new person at the door. I also noticed that if she got yell at for things that she did wrong, she pee! Your dog has some kind of fear, or just timid, and I think @Pogykt has the right answer. Try to socialize her more and look online for more tips.
  5. NikkiR

    NikkiR New Member

    I have found that this Is something that Is common in puppies. If your dog is still young I would not worry about it. Your dog will most likely outgrow the behavior. If Your dog does not grow out of it, try socializing him more. The more your dog is introduced to the less fear of the unknown he will have.
  6. Fermin420

    Fermin420 New Member

    The weird thing is that my dog isn't super nervous like other dogs I have seen, like those whose shy dogs that have been hit a lot in the past. I would say he's very social and just a little hyperactive, but yet he's still a big puppy. Yelling at him definitely didn't help at all though.
  7. Lisa Davis

    Lisa Davis Member

    I have never heard of the urination as a result, but I know tons of dog owners that have problems between their dog and their significant other, particularly when the significant other doesn't actually live in the household. Basically, it usually boils down to jealousy. When the significant other is over, the owner pays a lot of attention to them and the dog doesn't like it. One of my father's previous dogs (who is now deceased unfortunately) was very well behaved. However, when my dad got a new girlfriend, he would chew her shoes if she slept over. He would beg to be let outside to go to the bathroom every five minutes (when usually it was once every two or three hours). He would even jump on the couch and try to sit between them. Personally, they say animals are great judges of character. I never liked the woman and I guess the dog didn't either.
  8. Joel7050

    Joel7050 New Member

    Yes, as many have said above, dogs pee to show submission. Get the dog more used to your girlfriend and tell your girlfriend to show more affection and friendliness to the dog! One great way to do this is to pass your girlfriend a treat right after he pees himself. Get her to hand-feed the dog. Not throw it on the floor, but let him eat it off her hands. This would help greatly.
  9. djordjem87

    djordjem87 New Member

    This is usually a reaction that some dogs, usually bitches, have when they see somebody they really love. Some breeds are more affectionate than the others and while my golden retriever is cool and just happy my setter always pees when she sees me. It is so funny. She needs to stop, take a leak and then she goes crazy.

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