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My Dog Likes to Wear T-Shirts

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My silly 6 year old water spaniel loves to wear t-shirts. He plays tug-o-war with us with an old t-shirt and then he wants to put it on. He is so silly and will just sit there in his bed in his t-shirt. He makes me laugh because he looks so happy when it is on. Anyone else have a dog who likes to wear clothes??
I guess some dogs just want to be similar to humans. They may believe this to be an act that will allow them to become closer with their owners. Of course, it could be due to curiosity too. Different dogs have different behaviours. As far as I know, most dogs do not really like to wear t-shirts. They are forced to do so mostly because their owners think it is cute. In your case, it seems to be the other way round hahaha.
I can't say that I have ever had or even seen a dog that enjoys wearing any kind of clothing but it must be a joy to see. I see people buying coats and hats and even Halloween dress up for their dogs and it does make me wonder if their dogs do enjoy wearing them and in most cases as stated above it's usually the owner forces them to wear it over them wanting to.
If a dog loves to wear the shirt then why not? Its cute and they love it! Also if it is cooler in the house then they might love the feeling of the warmth it provides. I only get annoyed when animals are dressed up like dolls. I cannot help but wonder what the dog thinks when someone spray paints it, dresses it up and puts them in their handbags.


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Well, I've got 2 Yorkshire terriers who just can't live without closes in the winter. It's so cold outside that sometimes they don't even want to go out. However, they are feeling quite good when wearing dog clothes!
Aww haha that's adorable.

My dogs won't wear anything, they refuse! They're moody things though so that' probably why.

I always wanted a chilled out dogs you can make look funny with hats and shirts and stuff.
To each his own! Wearing a t-shirt makes your dog happy and it's great that you have obliged him. I know when he is happy you are happy too. I can imagine the fun you have had seeing your dog profiling in a t-shirt.
Last time I remembered my dog wears a jacket with a hood. We used to play together and I dresses her with any dress that she wants. She simply barks to me and I get it easily that she wants to be dressed. I missed her so much and I can't deny that she is one of my best friends dog
It's amazing when I see happy dogs especially those ones that enjoys playing with the little kids. Our dog at home doesn't enjoy putting on a t-shirt, but he can be friendly even to strangers that pay us visits at home. There was a time she was playing with my friend and forgot that she hasn't taken her lunch.
Haahah, that's funny! I have tried putting my Aris in one of those winter suits for dogs but crazy thing happened. He immediately started playing dead. He laid on the ground like that until I finally found out what was going on. :D
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Awe, I wish my dog would do this. He is very tolerant so he will let me put the shirt on him and then does this weird thing where he only walks along the wall until I take it off. Like, he literally slides his body along the wall and sits with one of his sides against the wall while the shirt is on. If I pull him away from the wall he goes and glues himself to it as soon as I turn around, so we don't do shirts very often.:p