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My dog is a goofball!

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She is a Cane Corso and very spoiled. She insists on standing up basically with her front paws on the kitchen sink and makes me turn the faucet on for her so she can drink fresh water out of it. It's hysterical but boy does she make a huge mess with that big mouth of her. She always gets her way though lol
Thats quite unusual for a dog to do that, but it sounds as if it would look hilairious. Once dogs get into the habit of doing something like this, it can be hard to get them to stop it. As long as no-one minds then its not a problem, but I'm sure she'd be more comfortable drinking from a bowl on the floor. How did she get into the habit of doing this in the first place ?
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We had the water on one day and she just jumped up and put her paws on and tried reaching it so we pushed the sprayer to her and she started drinking. Now she does it all the time lol. Not the greatest pic but you can see my gram holding the sprayer for her.
Oh that is too cute. Dogs can be so goofy with some of the things they will do. Sometimes, they act more human than dog. My 9 month old Pit Bull will get up on the back of the couch to sit so she can look out the window. I think she thinks she is small like a cat or something to be able to do this.