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My dog almost didn't make it

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This story is about how my dog was born, his mother had a litter of 6 puppies which isn't strange or a lot for big dogs such as the Siberian husky race. The problem was that his mother was really small for a husky because she had problems as a puppy so it wasn't an easy task at all for her to deliver 6 little husky/chow chow puppies. To make this is story a bit shorter, my dog Baylis was the last one on being delivered, he wasn't moving much and it seemed like he wasn't going to make. As a result of that he couldn't walk right and couldn't really compete for the food, it didnt seem like he was going to make it.

After taking care for a month he started to walk better and not sleeping as much as before, even though he was still the smallest for some reason he was totally out of danger. A month later before we could even realize he was running and amazingly bigger than anyone else, now he even eats his brothers food in a competiton type of eating.
My dog was a rescue dog.

My mom is a Veterinarian, and she is always telling stories of close calls at work. She is very good at what she does. When I was probably 8 or 9 I told my mom I wanted a chihuahua. She tried to talk me out of it, saying they are noisy and not well behaved dogs, but I was persistent. A chihuahua was brought into the clinic one day with Parvo (an illness that kills many puppies every year). The puppy did not look like it was going to make it, and the people could not pay for treatment, so they decided to sign the small dog over to the vet clinic. My mom slowly nursed the Chihuahua back to health and presented him to me for my 12th birthday. He is about 7 years old today and I love him very much.
That is an amazing and an inspirational story. You just never know what is going to happen when an animal has the will to live and actually survives against all odds. It is wonderful that your dog has overcome the problems it had and is now prospering so well. Thanks for sharing your dog's story.
That is a great story! What a strong and brave pup! You should be so proud of your miracle dog! I am so glad your dog grew up strong and healthy.
Love and attention for puppies like that will make them push to be better. I love being there when the puppies are born. I love watching the mother dog kick in and take control.
I am so happy that your puppy lived and gave you such an amazing story to share with people like us. Thank you.


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We had an "Old Yeller" kind of dog when I was a child. It was one of the most lasting lessons I've ever learned. One day we were waiting for the school bus by the highway when a teenage boy driving his pickup truck drove by too fast, and our dog ran out into the highway to chase it. The pickup ran over our dog's foot, and I rushed up to help him. He was in pain and bit me on the hand. I still have the scar on my left thumb.

I learned that something or someone who is hurt will often lash out blindly at the nearest person. That you can't always fix another creature's pain just by feeling empathy.
This reminds me our the time when our pug was offered to us. The mother had just given birth when the owner texted us. We went to see the newborn puppies. They are so tiny and fragile. In fact, 1 puppy had already died a few hours after the birth. From the 5 puppies left, we were asked to choose. Huh, how could we choose when the puppies looked all the same.

In the days that followed, we regularly visited the puglet and we even sponsored the deworming and later the vaccination. When we got our puppy, we named him Pipoy. After some days, the puppies died after the other followed by the father and then the mother too. The only living pug is Pipoy and his brother who was given to another owner.

Here is the full story of Pipoy - http://petizone.blogspot.com/2013/03/pipoy-dynamo.html
Wow, I am happy to read that you have buffed him up and he is better now! Such a happy story to read! So now you have all 7 dogs or did you sell off the puppies?
Well that certainly sounds like a tough way to be brought into the world, but of course that is great that he is alive and big. Sometimes overcoming issue like that when young can really set you up for a life of resilience, for people at least and I would like to think that it applies to dogs as well. I hope that you enjoy many years of joy and friendship with you little friend who almost never was.