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Mixed Breeds

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I own a mixed breed dog named Bear. He's Boxer/Lab/Pit and he's such an amazing dog. He's actually my Service Dog and I couldn't ask for a better one. I have owner trained him myself and he has been a very quick learner. He does Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT), blocks and helps with pain by laying on my legs when they hurt to provide comforting pressure.

In my opinion, as much as I love all dogs, mixed breeds are the best. Mixed breeds have always had the best character, personality, and quirks. Yes, I mean quirks! :D

Does anyone else have a truly amazing mixed breed they would like to share? 20150415_145000.jpg
I haven't had a mixed breed dog, all the dogs I've had were given to me as presents as a kid or I bought as an adult. I like buying a purebred dog because you can look for genetic health issues. But I used to walk dogs in high school and college and most of the mixed breed dogs were my favorite to walk. They were quick to learn when they would get to stop for water or a pee break and didn't mind deviating from a planned walk. While some of the purebred dogs were very expectant about having the exact same route every walk or the same time every day. I don't know how much of that is because we have different expectations for mixed breeds than pure breeds. One of my favorite dogs was this black dog, it was mixed with a lot of things and was from the pound. But it would learn simple commands quickly so that we could play at the park without a leash because he would come with a command. Though, when he wanted to be cuddled instead of playing fetch, he would run away with the stick and bury it. Then come back and roll on his back and present his tummy. His owner found over thirty lost toys in his backyard when he was tilling for his garden due to this quirk.
Our first dog is a mixed of unknown breed but she is beautiful with a stance of a dog show champion. Our second dog is a pure pekingese, he is brown and a laptop who loves to be carried. Our third dog is a mix of spitz and pomeranian and the color is dominantly white with a tinge of brown. Our fourth dog is a mixed pug which is brown. And the youngest dog in our brood is a mixed pekingese, she is white and so pretty.

To me, the breed doesn't matter much. As long as the dog is affectionate, definitely I will reciprocate the love.
I think people are too obsessed with dog breeds these days. On of my dogs is a full blood mongrel. When ever people ask me what dog breed he is a always answer he is a pure mongrel, just like his father and his mother. lol
I have a mixed breed dog now, and he is Boxer/Pit dog! He is the sweetest, easiest to train, and quite a character to watch him playing by himself. He was never a trouble dog even when he was a tiny puppy.

Over the course of my life, we had experiences with other types of dogs, but this one is the best of the bunch.