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mats installation must be firm, straight

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 24, 2017.

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    white, wood flooring can make the atmosphere more beautiful and warm atmosphere. Of course, Chinese-style home design is inseparable from the natural elegant wood flooring, very close to the color of solid wood and natural wood grain texture to bring a Zen Qing Yun. Wood flooring is not only a color of logs, brushing a different paint for each floor, they can piece together an absolutely stylish modern
    pattern. Even the walls are covered with flooring, giving the entire bathroom an extended visual effect.Moisture is the task of laying the most important job before the wooden floor, moisture resistance is the most important wooden floor technical indicators. Flooring in the laying of the front of the moisture-proof work well, in the course of use, the moisture will slowly dip into the floor, resulting in floor swelling or
    edge Qiqiao. In particular, pay attention to moisture-proof wooden floor, so the laying of the moisture-proof measures before the wooden floor is very important. Species, specifications, grades, colors and wood moisture content of wood flooring engineering materials should meet the design requirements and the provisions of the current national standards. The moisture content should not be more than 10% in
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