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Any Marvel fans out there? I personally love the mcu and i'm super excited about spider-man finally joining in on the action. I was a little wary about their approach going back to a teenage Peter Parker, but now I can see how it'll work. His shot in the trailer was glorious, and the new suit is so perfect.
I'm really looking forward to it. Spider-man finally where he belongs, in a Marvel film, and I have my fingers crossed they've done him right. Everyone tends to think of Spider-man as a goofy hero, but he's incredibly strong, has spider sense, and even took out the X-men on one occasion by taking Xavier out first. He could be a real gamechanger for whichever side he comes in on.

I am curious about whether they will be true to the comics, and I liked the clip of Ant-man. I just wish they'd put the Wasp in, but I suppose I'll have to wait for Ant-man & Wasp to see her in action.
I've never really been a Spiderman fan, but when I saw this part in the trailer, I was indeed stoked. I love seeing the Marvel universe come together on screen. It's fascinating to watch the characters of your beloved comics coming to life. Plus, the films up til now have been genius, so I'm hoping that things don't fall by the wayside with Spiderman.

No more Tobey Maguire. Please.
Avid Marvel fan here and I cannot wait for this movie to be released. Yeah, at first, I'm wondering how they're going to introduce Parker out of the blue and also how they're going to give all those superheroes screen time, but now it seems they can manage. It's funny how people are talking more about Spiderman than Captain America himself. But regardless, I'm so hyped right now, it's more real than ever.
Me too. I love marvel movies. Spider man on that movie was hilarious I can wait to see him on other movies again. Since I was young I have been fond of watching superhero movies even the ones that are popular here in my country. Marvels is really outstanding and I will keep watching those movies.