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market. In recent years, floor thickness has been

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 20, 2017.

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    feeler ruler and ground clearance, failed to pass Then fail. If the ground is uneven, you need to use a blade chisel flat, in serious cases to re-leveling or self-leveling. Floor roughness is not up to the standard and the pavement, it will cause the floor chipping, Qi Qiao, arch, sound and other issues. Step2: Ground moisture content check Second, check the water content of the ground. The moisture content of the
    ground can be measured by the moisture content tester. The standard requirement for normal ground is <20%. If the ground moisture content is too high, the floor is easy to absorb water swelling, causing the floor arching, drums, sound and other issues, so if the ground moisture content exceeds the standard value, to dehumidification. Step3: Check the ground is solid Then, check whether the ground is strong,
    you can use the screwdriver handle or hammer on the ground, check the ground for any holes, peeled off. If the ground is empty or peeled off, you will need to reprocess the ground. Otherwise, after laying the floor for a period of time, there will be noise because the ground is not solid. Step4: Whether or not to make waterproofing measures Then, check whether there is no waterproofing measures, because
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