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Make your own dog shampoo?

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I used to make my own dog shampoo when I had my lab. I started with either a liquid castile soap from the Dr. Bronner collection or NSP's Sunshine Concentrate. Then I would let her choose her aromatherapy essential oils. Since dogs have such a strong sense of smell, it makes sense they would be able to sense the oils that would work for them. Sometimes I edited the offerings for her to choose from based on the weather and their benefit. She seemed just as happy to indicate her choices by either nudging the bottle with her nose or turning away from it. Then I would add the drops according to recommended recipes and cap the bottle to mix thoroughly. Have you ever tried making your own dog shampoo? Did you make all the choices yourself or include your dog in the process?
I have never tried to make my own dog shampoo, but seeing your recipe above makes me want to try it! Especially using some nice essential oils. I never thought of that before - using smells that I already like and then having my dog make the "final" decision. I can't say that I'll actually do it (I have a whole pinterest board of DIY things to try that I have never gotten around to:( ) but if I actually do get my act together and try this I'll let you know how it works for me!


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This is the first time I read or knew that you could make your own doggy shampoo. But that sounds awesome. Where did you get the idea? Fid you think about selling to other dog owners?
Well I must admit I have never thought about anything like this before, but when it comes to saving money and the whole do it yourself spirit I think that I could get on board with this idea. I would say that if it is good for the dog, good for your wallet and gets the job done then why not go ahead and make your own.
I have only made flea mixture for my dog in the summer, and haven't made regular shampoo at all. I found a bottle of 99% natural shampoo with oatmeal for my dog at a very reasonable price and stocked up on that, so I am very happy with it. My dog smells so good after a bath too.
This is interesting, I've never made my own dog shampoo but now I want to and I very much like the idea of letting my dog "choose" her scent. I love how my dog smells after a bath and she's all too happy to get some cuddling in afterward. I've never made my own flea mixture either, might have to try that one as well.
I have never tried this before, but it sounds like a great idea. I normally bathe my dogs in baby shampoo because it gets them nice and clean and smells wonderful afterwards. I also do not have to worry about it burning their eyes if they accidentally move the wrong way while getting bathed and get their eyes all sudsy.
I try not to shampoo them in anything too smelly, and certainly use a no tears type of soap, but I don't have it available to name what i'm using at the moment. But it's something my vet recommends.