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Loca Can't Fecking Run

Bouncing, flouncing, jumping all around the show!

Oh man this is kinda old from what I remember, I remember watching a few years ago and just couldn't stop laughing LOL.

It's pretty cute though, I wish I could have it.
This is my ultimate favorite dog video ever! The song on the video was playing in my head just few minutes ago and I was about to go to Youtube to find it again, so thank you! I don't have to open up a new tab, haha! I bet I'll never get bored to this video, it's just amazing!
Hahah, poor Loca. The jingle is adorable. Got me singing along to it.

Thank you for reminding me of the video and making me laugh. I needed a good laugh, and pugs just seem to be made of comedy.
Aww...this is too cute and funny. "Loca the bouncer lol." That poor Loca, probably is too excited to run and maybe just decided to dance lol. Thanks for the video, I would definitely subscribe.
I remember seeing this video some time ago and honestly it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen! This pug is adorable and puts a smile on your face within seconds. And the word compilation is priceless :)
That's so cute! I have watched it a few months ago on Tumblr and I kept playing and playing it, I couldn't help it since is that cute!
Imagine how frustrated Loca is, seeing her siblings running all around and she can't really make it, lol.
Thanks for sharing! :)
Oh my gosh, that video was hilarious! The song's probably going to get stuck in my head as well, but that's ok, because it will just remind me of this video.
I laughed so hard at the first clip of the dog trying to run; it was just so unexpected to see him try and run like that.


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I remember seeing this video a few years back and listening to it several times I day, I think that I know every word to this song it is one of my favourites! Such a silly dog.
lol, this is why I love pugs so much. They are mother nature's clowndogs. Even respectable, proud pugs get these stupid looks on their face if you surprise them with anything, they're perfect.
Well I do not think that there is ever a time when I do not appreciate a good puppy video, so thank you for sharing this. It might dangerous that you are unleashing upon me a whole channel dedicated to funny dog videos, and you might need to alert my boss. This is really a major joy of having a little friend, they do some of the funniest and goofiest things just walking around bring themselves. Thanks again.
Well, I really love dogs videos, especially when there are puppies in it, it's a pretty hilarious video which made me laugh a little bit tonight, thank you for sharing this, it really made my night :D

It's amazing how dogs can make you feel after having a bad day :p
Seriously I am cracking up over here! :D

I feel like the tune to this is going to be in my head all day!

I actually think the message to the song was SO sweet - all about family and love!! Super cute!


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Ahuhuhu, poor Loca! This is the first time I've seen a video of her, and I'm quite sure I'll be a forever fan. My own pug can't run like Loca's brother, or jump around like Loca. He will choke to death if he tries to. He is also way way smaller than Loca. But we love him just the same, those soulfoul eyes - pugs have this sweet, gentle, quiet air.