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Lion cuts, yay or nay?

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Now that the summer months are upon us, I'm sure everyone, human and animal alike, is tired of the heat. Not everyone has access to air conditioning in their house, and pets are starting to feel it. Many turn to the lion cut for cats as a means of keeping them cool. The practice of shaving cats is contested, with some arguing that their coats may actually provide relief from the heat. So, what do you think? Will you shave your cat this summer?
If you have a long-haired cat, giving it a lion cut to help deal with some of the issues long fur can bring. One of these issues is that Long-haired cats need a great deal of grooming. While most cats do self-groom, long-haired breeds require more care. Their fur should be brushed on a weekly basis to help with shedding and to reduce mats. Busy cat owners may find that clipping their long-haired cats into a lion cut can help cut down on the amount of grooming that is required. Otherwise, If the cat is not brushed regularly, or has a hard time with self-grooming, mats may build up in the fur. If these mats are left alone, they may twist and pinch. Cats that develop frequent mats, or that have fur that has become heavily matted can be given a lion cut to help deal with the problem.

During warmer weather as your cat begins to shed, your long-haired breed may be at a higher risk of developing hairballs. As the cat grooms his shedding fur, he may ingest more than can be safely passed through his digestive system. This can lead to vomiting, choking or bowel obstructions that may require surgery. Clipping the fur into a lion cut eliminates this problem. Now for warm climate seasons, your long-haired cat may have difficulty dealing with the heat. Lion cuts greatly reduce the amount of hair on a cat, helping her stay cooler during the hotter months.

Therefore. For me is a yay! For any hairy cat breed. Although I don't like it much.
I can already say we won't be giving our cats a lion cut, or any cut at all. Unfortunately, we just don't have the money to do so. The only cat in our family with anything like a cut is my cat Tiger. The introduction of new cats to our household unfortunately gave her a lot of stress, so now she over-grooms to the point where she has barely any hair left. If I could, though, I'd give our cats a nice cut, mostly because it's really hot here and our cats mostly have black fur.