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laying floor

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 16, 2017.

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    Real bamboo carbon color horizontal pressure in the horizontal plate In the horizontal: three hot, up and down two vertical, middle horizontal row, eliminating floor stress, higher stability. Apply to the production of large board wide board, and then a large area more integrated when paved. Bamboo composite carbon color pressure floor Bamboo trex composite decks sizes flooring is a composite of bamboo and wood products, the general use of its panel and the floor is a good bamboo, and its core mostly fir, camphor and other wood, after a series of Anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, moisture, high pressure, high temperature and gluing, rotary grinding and other nearly 40 complex processes
    can be made into a new type of composite flooring. Heavy bamboo flooring, also known as "bamboo plate", to break the conventional floor production process, lowering the bamboo press forging in heavy presses, changing the bamboo fiber structure, in the glue, the hardness comparable with alternative for wood fence the marble. Stable structure, super waterproof, suitable for villa patios, promenades and other outdoor environment laying. More tiger style, texture, fashion, challenging individual space.
    It can also be used in public areas such as bars. The advantages and disadvantages of bamboo flooring color smaller: bamboo flooring by color to divide, can be divided into natural colors and artificial paint color. Natural old concrete patio ideas color of the bamboo flooring, the color difference is smaller than the wooden floor, and bamboo is very rich and clear. Artificial bamboo flooring, because painted paint sake, the texture of bamboo itself is not obvious. Bamboo flooring is generally used varnish, matt paint and other paint.
    Not easy to deform: Bamboo flooring are straight fiber arrangement, not prone to distortion. When the bamboo flooring and solid wood flooring immersed in water for 24 hours at the same time, the expansion of bamboo flooring deformation rate is only half of solid wood flooring. Human health: warm winter and cool, can prevent rheumatoid arthritis; moderate hardness, to avoid falling; appropriate flexibility to ease the footsteps of gravity; beautiful bamboo texture, but also distribute fresh fragrance gas, good for body and mind. Floor Disadvantages: Stability, bamboo flooring contraction and expansion than solid wood flooring small. However, the actual durability of the bamboo floor shortcomings are obvious, one is prone to delamination due to the effects reviews of moder view decking of sun and wet, and in the south, the bamboo floor easy to beyrxles, affecting the life of the floor.

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