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It is also the advantage of the Helios brand

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 24, 2017.

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    and accessories, or can not be constructed. Second, the floor keel installation steps 1, the first leveling the ground, measured by 2M ruler, the maximum chord height �Q 5mm. 2, with ink bomb line, into a grid-like, two-line spacing of 300mm +3 mm. 3, with a hammer on the ground openings, hole depth 50mm-60mm, into the wedge, wedge dry and stable not loose. 4, open the base leg hole, hole distance
    500mm �� 10mm, into the wedge, wedge dry and stable not loose. 5, cleaning, remove debris and floating floor. 6, first shop PE film, PE film to be more than 200mm overlap, with 60mm wide tape glued, compacted, the wall edge of the lead 50mm. Sprinkle pest control powder 7, with keel nails will be fixed firmly keel, keel and wall or other materials are set aside spacing 10-15mm. 8, keel leveling,
    measured by 2m by foot, the maximum chord height �Q 3mm. 9, laying plywood, thickness �R 5mm, moisture content of 7% -12%. The area of ??each splint can not exceed 600 * 1200mm, leaving 8-12mm expansion joints between each splint. 10, laying mats, mats can not overlap, seams with 60mm wide adhesive tape, flatten. The wall edge to be cited on the lead 30mm-50mm, if damaged, with tape.
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