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How to stop barking at neighbors

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behavior' started by abonnen, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. abonnen

    abonnen New Member

    We recently moved and our chi-weenie is having problems listen and barking at neighbors when we are outside. It is driving me crazy, I have tried everything I know but nothing is working. I have tried distracting him, ignoring him, and reinforcing good behavior but nothing is working. Any ideas?
  2. remnant

    remnant Member

    It is not easy to stop a dog from barking at their neighbours reason being that they do this out of instinct. A good way to stop a dog from barking at its neighbours is to cage it in its kennel whenever it does so. This should not be seen as a form of punishment, rather its correction. They would in term learn not to bark at their neighbours through this process which is called conditioning. This requires patience in order to bear fruits.
  3. Joel7050

    Joel7050 New Member

    Maybe you should go talk to your neighbours. Bring him and make sure he see's you interacting all nice and friendly with your neighbour. He may see the neighbour as a threat. Or, you may invite your neighbour to your house. Let your dog have a good sniff and look of your neighbour, and make sure he see the nieghbour coming from and returning to his house. This would get him to understand the neighbour is friendly.

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