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How to Keep your Dog Smelling Fresh.

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I had a few pets in the past and I loved them dearly. I personally took care of them since they were little puppies. But, I have to admit that my house is not the paragon of cleanliness. My dogs usually play outside and that is where they get the most fun. My mother is really a cat person, and one of the main complaints she had over the years is the smell of my pets--you know, the "wet-dog" smell? She hates it a lot. It doesn't bother me, but to keep her at bay, can you guys tell me how do you eliminate that smell from your pets? Puppies normally do not have that smell, only adult dogs right? They bathe every other day though. How do you guys keep your pets smelling fresh?
I've had people comment about the wet-dog smell to me as well, but as I've always owned dogs I must be immune to it because I can't smell it at all. Keep your pets coats clean by brushing them as often as possible, this helps get rid of hair when they are moulting and most dogs love it as well, the stimulation for them is as enjoyable as scratchiing, and you know how much dogs like that. I'm not the greatest fan of housework but I have to vacuum my carpets every day, because my labrador moults almost all year round. Thats were a lot of the smell comes from, use a neutralizing carpet spray iif you can, it will completely eliminate the dog smells, from your carpet at least.


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I've had this problem too, especially with hairy dogs. Just bathe your dear pets whenever possible and make sure to clean their kennels. Here in my country, it's a bit hot so we bathe our pets weekly, even if they still smell okay. My mom's baby (yes, she calls her dog that) likes sleeping on her bed. It's kind of frustrating that later on, the sheets will smell like a wet-dog after baby's romp on the bed. But I guess, that's just one of the "joys" of having a pet. :)
I buy some pet wipes on Amazon and give him a good rub down at least once a week if he is going outside frequently and more as needed. I also get him some dental chews to help his teeth. Fresh breath helps cut down on the stinky dog smell in the house. I also brush his teeth too and make sure to wash his bedding! I wash them as much as I wash my own bedding.
I noticed that what bothers me is the smell that is left on couches or carpets, I use a odor neutralizer that is safe for pets. It removes stains and odors.
I also keep my baby smelling fresh by using pet wipes, and use baking soda once a week as a dry shampoo. I brush his teeth and wash his bedding once a week. This prevents most smells.
This is a problem that I have as well. I would like to bathe our dog daily but due to scheduling that's impossible right now. I was trying to see how often I should bathe him. I saw someone posted, that they bathe their dog once a week. I'm going to try that and see how it goes. Thanks for the great advice guys, I'm going to continue to follow this thread for more advice!
Ah... the smell of our furbabies. Sometimes it's not the most pleasing to others. But most of the time we hardly smell it at all. But it's true, our furbabies can leave a smell in our home that doesn't exactly shriek of hygiene to those that do not have inside pets.
I used to be a full time dog groomer, so here are some tips that can help!
  1. Don't ever use human shampoo! Animals have a more alkaline PH system than ours, as we are more acidic. Our shampoo and conditioner can actually cause skin irritation or even burns on our pets, and also can make the fur seem more greasy than normal. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but make sure to buy the proper hygiene products for your babies!
  2. Animal wet wipes are a great help! If your baby has muddy paws, or a dirty snout, or sometimes like normal human babies, just need their butt wiped these are great. Again, human wipes shouldn't be used because of the difference of PH balance. If you have a pug or bulldog or any other kind of breed that has an exceeding amount of wrinkles, DON'T get those folds wet or they will smell mildew-ish (it will cause yeast problems). Use these animal wet wipes in lieu of shampooing those impossible-to-dry folds on your wrinkly pup.
  3. Baking soda before you vacuum! Cleaning day is here, but regular vacuuming doesn't always get the trick done. You can get those pet safe carpet powders that help eliminate odors, but you if you are sensitive to fragrances, baking soda all over the carpets for about 5 to 10 minutes before vacuuming should do the trick! And it's a pain but you'll want to vacuum minimally of once a week.
  4. Bowls of vinegar! I know vinegar doesn't smell very good, but if you leave a bowl of vinegar in every room for a few days a month, it also helps eat up the animal odors (PS: This is ESPECIALLY helpful to those whose furbabies happened to try to make friends with the neighborhood skunk!)
  5. Dust thoroughly! Like humans have dandruff, animals have dander! And sometimes that dander can cause a lot of allergies or even make your house smell or seem very dusty. Make sure you dust weekly!
  6. Grooming! Not every dog needs regular routine haircuts, and some long haired owners don't want to cut their furbabies hair. But taking your dog to the grooming facility at least twice a month represents pros. A groomer can deep clean your furbaby in a way you probably just can't manage at home. Make sure to go to a groomer that does NOT cage dry (I have an entire rant on cage drying but I won't get into it here). And sometimes a good deep clean is just what they need!
Funny thing about dogs is that they seem to enjoy rolling in stinky environments outside, much to our displeasure. Luckily, they also love the attention they get when you give them a good brushing with a soft comb. Clean their bedding frequently as this is one of the places where they spend most of their time. Remember, it's a dog not a flower so don't overdo things in the hope of making your dog smell like roses.
Animals have body odours and scents just like us humans. If the scent is natural and not been caused by an infection or a foul smelling substance, I think we should wallow in it to reciprocate our unconditional love they have for us.That said and done, I suggest that you sprinkle the dogs' kennel with agricultural lime or wood ashes regularly. I would not recommend a perfume spray since their skin chemistry is not similar to ours. Just maintain basic hygiene and the rest will take care of itself.
I very much agree with all of it, definitely vacuum frequently and dust. I found baking soda to work very well and washing the dogs bedding frequently. I don't have carpet anywhere anymore so that helps a lot, but I still was the bedding weekly and she has a "blankie" that I wash as well. I have a mini steam-cleaner for my furniture such as couches and chairs that I use probably every couple of weeks just to freshen things up.
Never forget to groom your pets. Just bathe them every time it is possible. Always wash their butts whenever they poo and never forget to brush their teeth. You can also buy sprays, and wet wipes to keep your dogs smelling fresh.