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How much does a vet trip run you?

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I am wondering about how much people tend to pay for general visits to the vet. Right now, a simple little checkup runs me between $20 and $40, which lasts anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes, so quite expensive minute for minute. I am sure there are parts of the world where it's much cheaper and was just wondering what it's like elsewhere.
Hmm, if I recall, the last vet visit was about $50 for a physical and stool sample.

That was in New Jersey, USA. Now in Japan, however, a routine exam would run around $100. Medications, vaccines, surgeries, and various tests can rack up close to $500-$1000. It's just a wee bit outrageous.


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Here in the UK the prices can differ considerably depending on the vets you go to, and that never made sense to me. The vets I was at before I moved, a check up was roughly around £45 but the new vet charges £30.

I know it's only £15 difference so not a great deal, but if you go a couple of times a year over the life of your dog, then it soon mounts up.


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Well, if I bring both my dogs at the local vet I get a $10 discount for a regular check-up, so that's pretty neat. It usually runs me $40 for a full exam with all the info needed per dog, so it's pretty pricy considering Romania's economy.

It depends on the vet though, you can get some really nice deals if you find a good one.
A typical vet bill is $150. That includes buying the Revolution, which is pretty expensive. I was out shopping today and I went into Tractor Supply Co. (TSC). They have a vet clinic every Saturday morning and they claim they will save you a lot of money. I got a flyer and I am going to do some calling around. I am curious how much we may be able to save.
A visit of our home service vet costs me at least $25 but it usually goes with a shot. For a simple checkup to the lady vet's clinic, maybe $20 but that includes a token of food item (that is to show my gratitude, the lady vet gave me Barbie). For a confinement, one night in the clinic costs $20 that's aside from the medicines and vet fees.

That's why I am amused with the pet insurance thread because for sure I would take a package when we have that here. On a rough estimate for my 3 dogs, we are spending at least $200 for health issues.
It depends on where I take my dog! But for an office visit, without any shots or stool exam, it runs from $60 dollars average. These past two years, I enrolled my dog in the health insurance, which I paid $26 a month, which includes most of his shots.

Now that he is 2 years old and won't need that many shots anymore, I found another place where I would pay $27 per visit, and the price of the shots needed. I think I am going this round now, since it is so expensive to pay every month for nothing.