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How much do you spend monthly for your dog?

As my income is limited at the moment, I strive to spend as little as possible. I have learned to cut his hair (groom him), his monthly food cost is between $4.00 to $5.00, and his treats are around $2.00 a month. He is a Bichon Frise so his costs run much lower to that of a Great Dane. And I am fortunate that he is healthy so I have not had to incur any vet costs.
I think that it depends on how much you're willing to spend on your dog, some people likes to spend more time in things like toys, clothes and even little shoes. But in my personal experience, I think that I just spend money on buying them dog food, in my country a big bag of them costs about 50 dollars and I think that is just that every month... without counting how much is spend in the water that they are consuming, I guess.
I spend way too much money between my dog and cat. However, my dog is more expensive than my cat. I typically take him to the vet every 3 months or when he isn't feeling well to me. I get him groomed once a month professionally. His food and maintenance is pretty costly since he is a Chow. He gets a new ball seem like evert week since he destroys them all the time :D. I can't say exactly how much money I spend but I know it is a lot!:rolleyes:
I haven't really tracked it but I'd say definitely less than $100 per month. It really depends on if she goes to the vet or not. Her food is easily $40 but it's a huge bag and it will last the whole month. She's pretty low maintenance, I do bathe her but a tiny bit of doggy shampoo goes a long way so that bottle can last me quite a while.
My pets' food, medical check ups, and equipment cost more monthly than my rent. But I guess I don't mind, because I love pampering them. They're basically family, the only one I've got, and I don't mind spending a little more extra for them to enjoy themselves. I also take in mind that I can't have them forever, and they only have a short lifespan (20 years, but still), so I always spend time with them and cherish the moments I have with them.
I don't think I spent a lot unless there is a special occasion like an appointment or something. The only thing that is really bought is their food items.
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