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How do you name your dogs?

Thinking about what you should name for your dog is one of the most exciting things to do when having a dog. Most of the names that I think about are not really "names", or the typical names that you hear. I name them according to my most used self-expression. Right, self-expression, it's just more cute and unique for me, I don't name them in curse words because that's awful. If not self-expression, I use unique names for them such as planets, flowers, or a name of products.
Many years ago I found an abandoned puppy, it was a soricard, I took it home, I called it Rocky, it was November, it was young, I kept it in the room with us and lying next to my bed, I slept with him, it came winter he grew up, he became very strong and happy, so i decide to give her a name by the kind of music I'm listening.
I'm a rock music fan , so i decided to put my dog name Rocky . It's not a unique name, I know, but I like it, which matters most.


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My process is completely random, haha. I know that some people love to take the dog's color, or character as a base for giving a name so for example, a black colored dog would be "Blacky" etc. but I never did that.

I just believe that the right name will come completely naturally and for me it did. However, I do prefer easy to say and shorter names for my dogs and other pets.
My husband and I had been thinking hard to come up with a name for our first dog. We were thinking it is good to get a name which is easier for us to call, and easier for the dog to hear us too. There were some names that I think are nice, but my husband didn't think so. Finally, we named her Labby, as she is a Labrador Retriever.

It's interesting to know how others name their dogs, and it's good for me to learn and get some good ideas too.
Sometimes i named my dog based on his/her color. If white-whitey if black-black if brown-browny. And sometime i named my dog on my favorite character.
I remembered our first dog's name was Scoobie doo. We all know who Scoobie doo is, from the cartoons and even movies. I think I name my dogs with famous people or dogs. My other dog was named Pencil. I got it from a TV series here in my country. It is fun giving names to dogs.
I always pick names that are close to my heart. I'm a bit corny and I'm not afraid of showing it, so I like the kind of names that give a glimpse of both the doggie's personality and who I am as an owner too.

My puppy is named Lady because she reminds me so much of the Lady and the Tramp spaniel, she has a similarly sweet and playful behavior too... And well, I'm a Disney fan so I guess that only makes it an even better match.
I think it is exciting to know how everyone gets a name for their dogs. I do have a different or weird way i supposed of naming my dogs, or i don't know if it is really weird. I got their names by things i associate them by the first time i met my dogs. Sometimes i named them after something about who gave them to me, that is if they don't have a name yet. My first time having a dog for myself (excluding dogs for the whole family), i saw him with other puppies inside a poultry cage so i ask the owner if i can have one and happily let me choose for myself. I named him Chicken! :)
That's quite out of the ordinary way of naming your dog @marblank1313 ;), I hope your dog likes to be called by that name you gave him/her :D. We in our family has this primitive way of naming our trusted companions. We basically "rename" our dogs with the same names used by our ancestors, not because we couldn't think of a new name but we just want to relive the moment on how our ancestors called their dogs and we also want to incorporate the same, or better, caring and education on our trusted companions. We even discuss about it over a meal or while spending some time with each other during a weekend where most of my family members are present. So yeah, that's our not so innovative but primitive way of naming our dogs. :);)
My daughters gets to name our dog, they've usually based it on the current movie with a dog that they've watch. The first dog that my eldest named was the dog's name on a Barbie movie, her name is Sequence, she's a shi-tzu but the dog in that movie is a poodle.
My dogs were rescued and already named when I had them so I kept them because I thought they were familiar with them and would make them feel more at home. My little Jack Russell is called Maggie May and my big girl is called Tentie (weird I know) but she seems to like it.