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Hope it makes you smile

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I love watching funny animal videos when I have a rough day. Hope this makes your day a little better. The last one is the funniest though.


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Thanks for sharing, at least something made me smile today. :)
Dog with the stick and one with the phone are the funniest.
Also one in the car looks funny, I've seen something like that before. Do all dogs do that?
Hahaha.. Howling huskies and silly looking pugs videos always make me smile. Is something that always cheers one up,at least for me. Anyway, very funny videos, thanks for sharing.
Those are really cute videos. Huskies, I've noticed, have more pronounced speech abilities compared to other dogs. Mishka and many other huskies on YouTube can actually form words and mimic human speech. Thanks for sharing!
My neighbor's dog is the sweetest dog on the street. When she sees me, she comes round quietly in order not to alert her owners that she is at my house. She looks around to make sure that no one has seen her, typical behavior of a human, then she approaches my door and gives me that pity face, I have no option but to give her a treat which I tell her to eat quickly and she does. I have been told not to feed her but her face just makes me melt, I cannot resist it.


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Those videos are adorable. A lot of you might disagree but when it comes to funny videos I prefer cat videos, they are hilarious. Funny animal videos always make my day I really enjoy watching them, thanks.
I love watching silly dog videos! I remember when I was attending middle school, these videos hit the internet like wildfire. Every single video on the internet was about dogs and the silly things they do. I don't know what it is, but I can sit at my computer and watch these videos for hours. I wish my dogs would do something silly like this so that I could film it and put it online, but sadly, they spend most of their time just laying around. I've only had a few situations that were film worthy, but it was at a time where smart phones weren't too relevant.
Wow these were so cute and funny! Dogs are wonderful, adorable, and just plain amazing creatures! Thank you for sharing these videos, I kind of needed a pick me up after a long day. Now I can shut down my computer and go to sleep with a smile on my face.
So very cute and adorable. Truly dogs can give you happiness, and contentment. They know what to do to feel you happy, and they are the sweetest. Thank you for sharing these videos. It made my day.