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Home decoration

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 23, 2017.

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    Home decoration in a healthy, environmentally friendly, beautiful, comfortable, the floor how to choose? Home decoration, the floor decoration is an indispensable part, but many people do not know the floor will release formaldehyde, for environmental protection, health, comfort and beauty, how to choose the floor. Type of wood flooring Solid wood flooring Solid wood install wpc floor for porch flooring is natural wood after drying , The formation of the ground after the processing of decorative materials.
    Advantages: good environmental protection, natural texture, high-end atmosphere, comfortable feet Disadvantages: poor wear resistance, high prices, easy to deform. Solid wood multi-layer flooring Solid wood multi-layer flooring Parquet is a staggered laminate of different tree species of plates, to some extent to composite lumber lawn patio furniture kits overcome the shortcomings of solid wood flooring wet shrinkage shrinkage dry shrinkage rate is small, with good dimensional stability Sex, and retains the natural wood grain wood floor and comfortable sense of foot.
    Advantages: floor surface with natural wood texture, delicate structure, rich in change, beautiful color, easy deformation, reasonable price Disadvantages: glue, bonding, Flooring is based on one or more layers of special paper impregnated thermosetting amino resin, pavement in the particle board, high-density fiberboard and other wood-based wood plastic composite automotive substrate surface, the balance of the back layer, the front plus wear-resistant layer, the advantages of hot pressing, molding the floor : Wear-resistant, multi-color, easy care, easy installation, high strength, cost-effective
    Disadvantages: no sense of foot and green flooring wood, glue bonding, environmental protection in general, some not suitable for geothermal, low grade Bamboo flooring bamboo splicing Adopting adhesive, made of high temperature and pressure. Floor non-toxic, solid and stable, no plastic, no deformation. After removing the sugar, fat, starch, protein and other special harmless treatment of bamboo, with superior anti-moth function. It is characterized by wear-resistant, high strength, lower prices, but the market Plastic Walls For Outdoor Tents And Porches Catalonia is small, decoration is not commonly used

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