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[HELP PLEASE]Calming down a dog which I just found.

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its the monsoon season in my part of the world and here monsoon means a heavy downpour causing floods.

In a flooded area of my city, I found a dog who was cornered by water and pulled it with the help of a rope to safety.

However, the shivering of the dog just wont stop. I have dried it up and also, as per the vet given some proper medication to provide proper heat, but the shivering wont stop and I reckon its not due to cold as it just shivers when I go near it.

How to stop it from getting scared so much from anyone and everyone?


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Hi @PetLover! :) First of all, let me commend you for having saved a dog in need. I can't remember what show I watched it from but the advice which was given there was to give rescued pets some time to adapt to their new surroundings in small steps. I think the dog needs to feel assured first that it is safe with you now and no one or nothing is going to harm it in your place. Approaching it in front of it slowly each time you would interact with it could be a good way of assuring the dog that you mean no harm. Give it time to adjust and I know both of you will soon be more comfortable with each other. :)
@soy1bastardo such a good idea! I cannot even imagine how can anyone do anything bad to an innocent creature. :( My neighbor's dog was also molested and It never came back from the agony. Nothing ever helped. Even today, after 5 years have passed, that dog is absolutely shy and looks depressed all the time. So sad.
The dog has just been through a traumatic experience. Just like any human, it would need time to recover before being okay with other people. You've already done the necessary things - proper vet checkup, medications, blanket, food. Just check on the good boye every once in a while and continue showing your love. You'll eventually be best friends :)