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Help ,my dog is suddenly traumatized!

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I have a half lab, half husky, one year old male. He is a great dog and I have mastered being the pack leader. Well, over this last weekend my Mom was over with her Pomeranian which is a normal thing for us and the two dogs were out playing in the back yard chasing each other around. All of a sudden from inside the house we all heard my dog make sounds we had never heard before. Fear type sounds. Next thing I know he comes running around the corner so fast he couldn't stop and skidded right into his water bowl knocking everything over. Afterward I was told that he just lied down on the porch panting, even foaming a bit according to my Dad. I was busy with my kids at that moment and didn't think too much of it at the time. Plus my Mom and Dad was there taking care of the dogs. Well, the next day came around and that was when I noticed how different he was acting. Not like himself, even in the house although better than outside.I went into the back yard expecting him to follow me and he wouldn't go into the back yard. I know he had a bladder full and would have to go but he would have nothing to do with the backyard all together. I eventually had to take his leash out and take him out to where he goes to the bathroom. I had to tug to get him out there. He immediately sat down, shaking, ears back and darting his eyes everywhere. He would not go to the bathroom. He was simply too scarred to move. I tried to call him back in the house but he didn't want to move to even go back inside. He wont drink his water that is out there, play with his toys or ball, play with the cats which is usually irresistible to him or even take his treats. Something really scarred him but I cannot imagine what. At the time of the incident my Mom's Pomeranian who was also out there was just sitting in the middle of the yard. Acting slightly strange herself but probably because of how my dog just acted. I have done everything I can think to do for him. On top of everything else he knows he is doing something wrong by not listening to me which just makes it worse for him. By the evening came along and after holding his urine all day (after repeatedly trying to get him to go) I gave up and put him in his bed, his crate.That's when he unloaded his bladder right there in his crate. I opened it up and ran and opened the door. He bolted out looking back like he was scarred to death of his own pee. And then hid under the table. And that's how it is. He is constantly looking around and jumps to the slightest movement. It's like he thinks something is going to get him if he isn't looking around for it. I went in the back yard and inspected it and I don't see anything unusual. I inspected his body and I also don't see anything. He doesn't act hurt. When I can get him relaxed enough inside he will still play a bit. Enough for me to see if he is hurt and it doesn't seem so.The front yard although not as bad as the back yard also scares him. What do I do? It's been three day's now. Nothing has changed. I feel so sorry for him not to mention it's like potty training day's all over again but worse! Please help us!