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Hello there! I'm Hope

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I wasn't going to originally make an introduction post since I'm pretty terrible at it, but I may as well since it seems I'm going to be a frequent haunt here.

My name is Kasey Hope Martin. I am 25, currently in school to become a Vet Technician. If I ever pass Biology, it will be a good day. To be honest I'm sort of worried about my proctor exam at the end of this semester... Note to self, go to the store and get some flashcard material.

I found this forum and decided: "Why not?" I used to be a Groomer, I'm studying to be a vet, I'm not completely ignorant as to what I'm talking about, and I love dogs, I love my dogs, and did I mention I love dogs?

Well, to be fair I love all animals. :p I'd love to make some friends on here, and I hope that in the future I can give some good advice!