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Hello from Florida!

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My name is Kit! I'm 29 years old, living with my parents currently so I can help them pay the bills. Right now we have three cats, but we've owned dogs in the past and I'm hoping to get one again soon. There are big dog breeds I absolutely adore, but I've been considering getting a small dog, especially since our house is so crowded at the moment! The ones I'm thinking about are a Scottish Terrier, a Corgi, a Dachshund, or one of the "newer" Pugs that's been bred not to have the super squashed in face that makes them so unhealthy and unhappy... Though I'll be honest, I'm much more interested in mutts than purebreds, so that'd probably be more like Scottish Terrier-like, Corgish, or Dachshundesque.

Most recently we've had a Corgi/German Shepherd mix (she looked so much like a German Shepherd, but with stubby little legs! she was so cute), and my grandmother had a purebred Dalmatian, unfortunately with health problems. Currently we have, as I mentioned, three cats, and none of them have any pedigree whatsoever. There are a lot of stray cats around here, unfortunately, and we've brought a number of pet cats in that way, but luckily there are barely any stray dogs here... which does mean, though, that we get dogs more rarely, because we actually, actively choose to go out and find one to buy. But we love all our babies all the same!

Anyway, I've gone on enough. It's nice to meet you all, and I can't wait to chat with you guys around here!