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Hello Everyone!

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Hi there, just wanted to stop in and say hello. I am a dog-lover though I've had both dogs and cats in my homes. I love so many different breeds but of course have my very favorites too. I love to hear about what other dog owners have to say.
I just wanted to say hello. I love my dog his name is Zorro. We got Zorro as a pup as one of our friends his dog was let out and she ended up with pups as a result. So we took Zorro. We are not sure what breed he is as the mother was originally found by her owner and they don't know who she bread with. The vet said they they think that he is part German Shepard and part Boarder Collie. As the mother is a mix mainly German Shepard they have guessed and as he is black and white and the other pups although look like there mum have the long hair. There was a Border Collie around the corner from her house and is alway getting out. So we have now assumed that is what he is. I am looking forward to reading everyone's posts about there dogs.