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A pleasant day to all dog lovers. How're your dogs right now? Having a pet dog has been a part of our culture regardless of our nationality or race. Even our great ancestors adopted their own dogs during their time and experienced the same feeling just like what we feels everytime our lovable and cuddly dogs entertains us.

For me; not just that I'm a dog lover, owning a dog had become a part of our family culture, since we live in a farm with several livestock to attend and to administer on a daily basis. Having a dog not just boost the security of our family but the safety of our livestock too. Since I was a kid we have several dogs and considered a part of our family. They are our companion and plenty of times they proved to us the true meaning of "man's bestfriend" as they sacrificed their life to save us and keep us away from harm. I remembered the time when one of my dog (tisay), a 15-year old female German Shepherd saved me from an 8-foot snake bite. We are taking a walk that time at the road farm when suddenly she (tisay) stopped me from walking and continuous to bark aggressively at something hidden in the grass, until I found out that there's an 8-foot long snake trying to pass to the different side of the road. If i didn't bring my dog that time maybe I suffered a snake bite and somewhat leads to a life threatening condition, since the municipal hospital was a few kilometers away and unfortunately doesn't have a anti-venom vaccine. So without a doubt, my dog (tisay) is my true caring bestfriend.

Owning a dog is not just having a pet or a companion, it's like having our own child. It is a responsibility of us dog owners to keep them away from harm, illness, and other forms of cruelty. I'm saddened of the fact that some pet owners, not just dog owners, subject themselves into animal (dog) cruelty. I've seen many news regarding dog cruelty alone wherein they are mistreating their dogs. Some people subjects the dogs into animal sport; which is against the law, and a form of animal cruelty, wherein they force the dogs to fight with each other. I strongly condemn this kind of cruelty, not just the dogs but other animals also.

Finally, owning a dog will give you a lot of fun but with a great responsibility. We need to keep our dogs healthy at all times, and attend to their needs whenever they are sick. We are responsible also to keep our dogs vaccinated ; have at least a supplement or vitamins, and take a regular visit at our trusted local veterinary. When our dogs are healthy, expect that they will give us their 100% to make us happy at all times.