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Has anyone had an odd pet?

Discussion in 'Other Pets' started by morgoodie, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. morgoodie

    morgoodie Member

    When I was younger, I was given a rat to take care of because her owner was going out of the country for a while. I would never have guessed that I would have gotten so attached to her, but I did. She would crawl all over my bed when I let her out for some play time. I would let her crawl around on my shoulders and she would sniff around my face and ears. Then she would curl up under my hair at the nape of my neck and fall asleep. Rats do not live very long though and she ended up getting cancer so I had her put to sleep.

    So does anyone else have or have had any odd pets?
  2. HeyBubba

    HeyBubba Member

    My dog is quite odd. First of all, before he sneezes, he spins around in clockwise and counterclockwise circles, as in he alternates between the two. Second of all, sometimes he likes to watch his own back feet as he walks, and he seems quite pleased to be looking at his feet. He will walk in reverse while staring at his own hind feet with a smile on his face but pointed at his feet.

    He also hates the bath tub, but he will surrender if he knows he can't escape it. "yes, you're taking a bath." and he will run up to me and cuddle, but if you walk towards the bathroom he will put his ears down and shrink himself and look back and forth from me to the back door, "yes you're taking a bath" and he just stays shrunk up but will wander towards the tub slowly while sulking.

    He also knows how to slide ice across the kitchen floor with his paws while he chases it back and forth, which is actually kind of a problem from time to time but it's so cool we don't really want to stop him...it's tough.
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  3. morgoodie

    morgoodie Member

    @HeyBubba He sounds like a really fun dog with some quirky personality traits. That is what is so great about animals. They have there own individual personalities just like people. My Boston will hide behind the couch if he is in trouble or if my puppy pit bull has done something wrong and he knows she is in trouble. I guess he does not want to be blamed so he hides. But who can stay mad at them when they turn their eyes on you with such sad faces. I know I cannot.
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  4. HeyBubba

    HeyBubba Member

    haha, exactly! It's always sincere too, that's my favorite part about dogs - you never have to worry whether or not theyre trying to manipulate you because it's something that's so obvious in contrast to your emotions.

    Yeah, he's very odd. He runs weird, he acts weird, he scratches his back my toenails, etc. He also waits until we leave to explore the countertops as we discovered when we noticed pawprints on there one day, so smart but so dumb sometimes lol
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  5. Valerie

    Valerie Member

    My uncle had a Brazilian rooster named Ernie that he rescued from a cock fighting pit. The bird was partially lame and riddled with scars, had lost a lot of his plumage, and was basically the most horrific looking thing I'd ever laid eyes on as a small kid. But, for everything the bird had gone through, Ernie was the sweetest rooster ever. He would following my uncle around the yard, lay happily in your arms, loved having his belly and back massaged, and adored my uncle's outdoor hot tub. Ernie didn't live too long after having been rescued, but I believe that he was grateful for the kindness my uncle had gifted him with. To this day, I've never seen another rooster act that way around people.
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  6. aquaticneko

    aquaticneko Member

    I've rescued a little squirrel back in my teenage years. That squirrel was so grateful (id like to think anyway) it never really left us. I put him securely away from a section of our yard away from the dogs. I'd feed him every morning. Even our inside cat who is charming and very tolerant (read lazy) would let this very energetic squirrel run over him. It was such a sight to see. I was sad to see him go, I think he died of old age while sunning himself.
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  7. Wolfheart57

    Wolfheart57 Member

    My first pet was a Holland Lop rabbit named Flower. I got it as a baby and could cup it with both hands. She was white with brown splotches on her hind quarters. One summer, my mom bought a strawberry plant that had eight strawberries on it. Since we had a rabbits at this time, she put it on the patio table to keep it safe. In under two hours, Flower had sniffed it out, climbed onto the chair, squeezed through the small hole between the back of the chair and curve of the table, walked across the table, and ate the strawberry plant. Yes, not only did she eat all the strawberries, the glutton, she ate the plant down to the roots. When we found her, she looked like she kill something from the red stains on her usually white furred mouth. She was great first pet.
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  8. morgoodie

    morgoodie Member

    @Valerie That is a great story. I am sure that rooster was grateful to your uncle for rescuing him from the fights. I have never really been around roosters or chickens so it is hard for me to imagine one acting in the way you describe. I think it is amazing when animals act that way towards humans.

    @aquaticneko I think it is great that you rescued a squirrel and took care of it so well. I bet it would have been cute to see its interaction with your cat. It is definitely hard to let an animal that you love go but I am sure he had a good life after you rescued him.

    @Wolfheart57 How cute. I love rabbits and always wanted one but I have heard they are not easy to take care of. It sounds like she was a very clever rabbit to get to the strawberry plant. I can picture her mouth all covered in the blood of the strawberry. Very cute.
  9. Wolfheart57

    Wolfheart57 Member

    Rabbits are the easiest to potty train out of all the pets I've had. It just takes a couple hours in the litter box. Otherwise, just keep them warm and cuddle them. Problems usually happen when people take wild rabbits and try to make them pets. If the ears haven't dropped, they are going to be super ornery because they're still wild. You have to be careful with cords otherwise they are like bouncy cats that steal you vegetables.
  10. aquaticneko

    aquaticneko Member

    @morgoodie squirrels are like tiny cats on steroids (worst than catnip). If they can get that much energy from just eating just nuts, I need me some of them too. That little thing was mad it at times drove my cat to retreating. I grew up on a farm, and my parents always took in injured animals whenever they could. So it is something I have ingrained in me!

    @Wolfheart57 I had a rabbit for a few months that I had to give to a better home. My cat harassed her then she wouldnt stop grinding her teeth. I took her in for a check up and brought her over to my best friend who lives a few minutes away. I still visit my little Jessie! She's was a Holland lop as well.
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  11. IcyFirefly

    IcyFirefly Member

    I consider the hermit crab that my son had, is an odd pet but a quiet and peaceful one to have. We must continuously buy new shells for it to change homes every few weeks. It was quite amazing to see the crab looking frantically for a new shell to fit as it tried to get comfortable in the home.
  12. fcuco

    fcuco Member

    I have a, rather big, tortoise that shares the backyard with my dogs. The dogs grew up with her so they ignore her completely. I guess it also has to do with the fact that she is so slow that she never triggers the "chase a prey" response out of my dogs.

    It is quite funny, she eats dog food too, along with some vegetables, fruits and sometimes even some chicken.
  13. Mars

    Mars New Member

    I've never had an odd pet. I think they were all quite normal. Although my older brother had this really pesky dove when we were young. It would hop on my shoulder and then proceed to stand on top of my head. It would stay there for a long time, during which, I would be so afraid to move thinking that he might fall. (Stupid me, he can fly. HA!HA!)

    It was either the bird thought that my head was something that it could use as a perch. Or it probably thought that my curly hair was a nest.

    Yeah. It was probably the latter. ;)
  14. heavymetalkilos

    heavymetalkilos New Member

    My old hamster who's already dead by now was an odd case, if you'd like to put it out there like that, haha! Usually when hamsters are night-timers, she always got up at the same time as I did. Also, she was really social and always ready to play even when it's not in their nature to be that keen to people. It was lovely though and I miss her lots.
  15. PenguinManiac

    PenguinManiac New Member

    Well, I don't know if they count as odd, but I had two turtles. One of them was just like any average turtle, but the other one was a little...athletic, I should say? One day, he was in his tank, swimming happily with his buddy, and the next one he was not there anymore. We looked for him far and wide, and in the end we found him in a plant vase, hidden between the lower leaves. It had been a week since we bought him, and that's when we decided to rename him Leonardo (too good of a chance to waste it).
  16. emmarocks55

    emmarocks55 New Member

    When I was younger I used to take care of two different breeds of chickens. I would go out and feed them every day and collect their eggs. They really are interesting birds. I'd definitely suggest keeping hens instead of roosters. I've had neighbours with roosters, and they're so loud!

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