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good; the room is relatively small, it is recommended

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 17, 2017.

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    not use fine texture, straight texture of wood. In the choice of color, the Nordic style is more suitable for neutral dark side of the wood flooring, calm tone more prominent room grade. In addition, the soft colors, soft texture of the cork flooring is also a good choice. Second, the Chinese family from the culture and rational Chinese traditional interior design combines the solemn and elegant double quality. From
    the indoor space structure, the Chinese style to wooden-based form, showing the owner's mature and stable. China's room is very particular about the sense of space, in order to show the level of the Chinese-style residential home in the United States, you can need to isolate the line of sight, the use of Chinese-style screen or window lattice. It is worth mentioning that the Chinese style and the Chinese
    people's inner religious plot perfectly together, often in some details of the place to outline Confucianism or Zen mood. Chinese furniture, to modeling concise, smooth lines of black, deep chestnut furniture, the most popular, with a tempered temperament with the teak, mahogany floor combination, can reflect the high cultural mood and connotation, but also for the Room to add wealth phase. Third, the idyllic
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