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Furminator brushes?

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I keep looking at the Furminator brushes in the pet shop, because they are really expensive, but I know pet owners that swear by them. The videos of it in use are impressive, but then you would expect a promotional video to be or it wouldn't be doing its job. I'd just like to get some of the loose fur out and in the bin, instead of the carpet, furniture, walls,bed... I know the battle against shedding isn't one I am going to win, but I'd like to give a better showing than I am, with my little standard brush.

Does anyone use one and what are your experiences? Are they worth the rather huge cost, which is currently putting me off, and do they do better than the standard grooming brushes?
Like you I am trying to battle with the shedding, and spent a bit of money on this one brush called The Magic Pro Dog Shedding Tool, which supposed to reduce 95% of the shedding!

I can tell you, it takes out a lots of fur and I brushed him at least two times a day. My dog has short hair, but I finally convinced that he is just a shedder. There is still hair every where, and nothing helps.

Take a look at Amazon to see if you can find a better price, and I believe they do! Pet stores will charge you an arm and a leg for it.
I bought mine on Amazon and got a deal because it was an opened package item. The brush was brand new and there was no damage to it, it was just in an opened package and it was $10 less than the other ones sold on the site. Just add it to your wishlist and watch the price! You can even add it to your cart and Amazon will tell you when the price drops.


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At first it seems like it's working great, but over time we noticed that our shiba's coat started looking a bit duller and not as fluffy. We switched over to a slicker brush and a rake brush, and now it's starting to bounce back. I've read that the Furminator can cut healthy hairs and not just remove shedding ones, and I think that's what we experienced with ours.