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Funny experience you have with your dog.

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Funniest experience with my dog? There's a lot of it actually but there was this one particular event that until now it would still make me laugh when I think about it. I love going outdoors specially to the beach, there was this famous island in my country that I visited with my dog. I believe my dog was still young on that time, to be exact I think she still six months old. Now to the funny part, because my dog is a dachshund so she was very small at that time, one of the local which is a part of the crew of the boat that we were renting suddenly screamed "there's a rat, there's rat" so eventually all the people on the boat jump off aboard the boat and leaving behind. I was laughing so hard and told them no it's not a rat that's dog. Maybe that the his first time that man saw a Dachshund puppy didn't really realize that it was a dog.
There are a lot of funny moments with our pets through the years but this one story remains on my top list. When I was six years old, our adult dog had given birth to 8 puppies. We were so excited to raise those eight puppies in our home until they all find a home of their own when they're old enough. We've kept four pups because we're four siblings, all girls, and decided to have a buddy making it four puppies in total. My pup is an all white furred male pup who is the nicest and most patient puppy there is. i named him Puti (it's a Tagalog word for White) Since I'm so young that time, I always carry him around. Put diapers on him, dress him up and sleep in my arms. As the days passed by and he's growing bigger, he doesn't change how nice and loving he is to me. One time, I was carrying him with me and I decided to ride the swing. I was hugging/carrying him upright and I swang the swing and he doesn't mind. I suppose he loves the cuddles so much. But since he's such a nice pup, he didn't even stir and let me know that he needs to pee. So what he did while we're swinging, He took a pee and his pee was going to and fro as we swing together. It may not seem too funny as you read it, but for a six year old, that was one of the funniest, most surprising thing I can ever experience that time and writing it down now, brings so much happy thoughts about Puti and his sweet loving nature as a pup.
When my dog Orbits was a year old, me and my buddies were doing some backyard drinking and grilling. There were four of us sitting around a small table and a friend stood up and left to buy more beers and my dog jump to the seat and just sat upright looking at us. My friends halfilled glass of beer in front of him, when I drank from my glass he also drank in my friends glass. All of us were laughing when my friend came back, and my dog saw him it's like orbits doesn't want to give back his seat, he keeps on growling haha.
Hello guys. Meet my dogs, the little one is Deydey and the big snobbish one is Charm. I have two more Copper and Charlie, I will show you guys their picture some other time. Well, I can say that there are so much fun moments with this fur babies.
There's this time that I was sitting on the porch then Charm went to me and sat on my lap, she is so big and heavy I did not get the chance to balance myself then Dey saw what's happening and charge towards us and bit one leg of Charm out of jealousy, Oh yes!! Dey is the jealous type. She likes to play and cuddle all the time. She can jump high for her size. When I have a moment with Charm, Dey would bark so loud as if telling me to stop and be with her:D . Charm also likes to jump on my back sometimes, imagine that:eek:. Copper is the biggest but the sweetest. Too sweet he does not like to move away from you. Likes to be on my lap too. Like to be belly rubbed, He would just stumble on the floor and I would be like a bit shock then ohh yeah its going to be belly rub time. Last but not the least is Charlie. The youngest and naughtiest. Yes he is! I change slippers in a month for four or five times because of him. He likes to mess with the flowers too. Hahaha. Actually he likes to eat anything especially his brother's collar, three time that I've change Copper's collar. Also a show-off. Likes to climb big rocks and his dog house rooftop then he will stare at you as if saying that he's already a grown up, too boastful, bossy but I love him. I love all of them. Everyday with them is never a dull moment.


My experience with my dog is quite an hilarious one. I had been away for two weeks and on my way back from my trip, I got some food items for the dog. When I emerged at the entrance, he charged towards excitedly, yanked off my bag, unzipped it and reached for the very food item I got for him somewhere down my back.