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Food allergy

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We cook food for our dogs because dog food in cans sometimes are not available. We feed our puppy with dog food so we have experienced that problem. That's why when the puppy becomes an adult dog, we feed it with cooked food - boiled pork, boiled or fried fish, boiled or fried chicken, even beef sometimes.

Late last year, one of our 3 dogs exhibited something odd. Pipoy is a pug so it is noticeable when his face gets swollen. We were very worried until we had contacted the vet to say that it might have been caused by food allergy. We brought Pipoy to the clinic. It's funny because when we arrived, the symptom was gone. But the diagnosis continued and chicken was suspected to be the culprit. So now chicken is taboo for Pipoy although our 2 other dogs are still being fed with chicken.
That's certainly odd. A dog with chicken allergy. Every dog I have so far loved every part of a chicken, even they like to chew the flimsy bones of a chicken. In any case, I hope that is the last time your dog shows an allergic reaction.
Dogs, much like humans, are allergic to itchy types of food. Chicken, squid, shrimp and certain types of fish are not recommended for consumption. I know this because we had a few or so dogs whose fur came off after we gave them chicken bones with a bit of excess skin. Our neighbor's puppy turned bald after it was fed squid. These food types can likewise cause allergies among humans.
Sounds kind of like the infamous 'bacon allergy' some people are cursed with. That's a shame for Pipoy! But I'm glad you were able to sort it out and that he's doing okay. A few of my animals in the past had exhibited similar allergic reactions to certain foods. The current family dog, Rufio, can't have too much corn. He gets itchy and the fur on his tail comes off in clumps. He's also not one for seafood.


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One of my friends has a dog that loses chunks of its fur when it eats fish or pork meat, definitely odd. I've never heard of chicken allergy until now, seems like there's something in the meat that makes your pug allergic.
I've read that vets can detect any allergies from blood and poop samples, so definitely a must if you want to check if your dog has any allergies.