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floor care matters needing attention

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 23, 2017.

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    pipes, warm floor near the wall should pay attention to what. The fifth sin: the floor clearance is too large Some decoration workers in order to save time, when laying the floor did not fight the floor a little closer, this will lead to dry weather when the floor shrinks, the floor gap will become larger, Cause the floor to become loose or deformed. Sixth sin: direct sunlight hot summer weather, many people will
    open the window ventilation, so that the floor will be exposed to direct sunlight, intense ultraviolet light will destroy the paint on the floor surface, accelerating floor cracking and aging. The seventh sin: just laid to step on the floor just finished neat and beautiful floor, foot cheap stars can not wait to step on both feet, and then place everything else on the floor, looks very like The use of space looks like. In fact, the
    floor just in the shop within 48 hours, try to avoid walking on the floor and placing heavy objects, to give the adhesive glue floor to leave enough space and time. Edit Comment: Although the summer is not the golden season of decoration, but this time also can not careless decoration, the laying of the floor cumbersome and lengthy, can not be taken lightly, or wait until the golden season and then reinstall it floor.
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