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floor also has more and more big difference

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 22, 2017.

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    First, the scene requirements 1, only in the scene below 10 �� temperature installation. 2, all the ground floor must be dry, flat, crack-free, well-structured, and clean. No dust, paints, waxes, lubricants, greases, bitumen, stale adhesives and other extraneous impurities. 3, seamless stitching of the rubber floor, stitching the joints straight, smooth, strong bond, the appearance of no significant color. 4. All
    hardening, quenching and destructive compounds must only be removed by mechanical means. 5, the ground humidity should be less than 2.5%, humidity above 2.5% of the ground floor shall not be recommended. In the event of such humidity above 2.5%, waterproofing should be carried out in accordance with industry standards. Surface roughness within 6,5 mm can be self-leveling after priming.
    Second, the construction preparation Rubber floor should be moved to the construction site in advance to adapt to the scene temperature of not less than 24 hours, laying should be the first raw row, and pay attention to keep the arrow on the back of the floor in the same direction, and then according to the terrain and design for splicing cutting. Third, the construction steps 1, bit measurement (1) set the center
    1x3 cedar fence tongue and groove home depot
    composite deck board buckling
    labor cost to install wpc decking

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