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It is that season again. My dogs were on Frontline last year, and the formula was not killing fleas anymore, so my vet suggested the flea pill. Unfortunately, it appears to have stopped working as well. I have been getting my dog medication from my vet, and none of it was out of date. What do you use to stop fleas?

We have treated the yard and the house, but we live on a farm and cannot treat twenty acres. One of my dogs is allergic to flea bites and now has hotspots. She has a cream prescribed, but I would like to free her from fleas.

I appreciate any assistance you can give me.
We use Frontline or Fiprex, it depends were we get to buy it from. The second one is cheaper and we buy it from the vet.
During the flea season we apply it every month because we also have ticks in our region and we don't want the dogs to get bit. We never had problems with fleas, although the dogs stay outside.
How often did you apply Frontline?

Hope you find a good solution to your flea problem:(
Bathe your dog in dawn dish soap once a week. It has worked miracles on a stray we had coming around the house. Yes I bathed a stray. He was miserable and I wanted to help. He now comes by for his scheduled bath. I have tried tricking him in the yard and flips out and attacks the other dogs since we live in the country with no animal shelter, I take care of him the best I can.
I'm not sure what the actual brand name is, but there are a few sprays that help dogs avoid any sort of fleas or flies. Taking down fleas can be really hard. I'd suggest looking into a spray that has a sent that the fleas might not like. I would also suggest bathing your dog more often to rid of fleas. Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda works amazing when it comes to giving dogs a good deep cleaning. My German Shepard reacted wonderfully to the cider bath and her fleas really calmed down.
Oh the dreaded fleas. I consider myself somewhat lucky when it comes to this issue, though, because I really have not had to deal with it much. I have two dogs and one of them we thought had fleas a couple of years ago so we treated him, but the other one has never shown any signs or anything, which is really surprising to me because it does seem like everyone else that I know has had to have their dogs, and cats, treated for fleas. With my luck that will probably come in end as soon as I hit submit, though.
For these circumstances. Fipronil has been my best friend. Is a moderately toxic insecticide, therefore It must be handled with care. Avoiding the mucose membranes when you are going to spray the affected area.
We are once in a while attacked by pests especially ticks although sometimes it was the fleas that would include humans for their victims. I remember our 8-year old spitz when he arrived in our home. The 2-month old puppy was all white except for the crown-like shade on its forehead. And when we checked, huh, oh no, it was a nest of flea. FIGURE OF SPITZ Tisoy before the adoption - with flea nest on forehead.jpg
When there is a flea infestation in the house, we hie the dogs to the car so they can stay outside in the comfort of the car's air conditioning. The insecticide spray is effective against the flea as long as the entire house is fumigated. Let it stand for 2 hours and air the house for an hour before letting anyone in. That would do it, no more fleas.
Thank you for the Dawn tip. My Bichon is allergic to fleas and with all of the rain I have had this spring, the fleas are terrible. He has a flea collar that is supposed to last for 5 months. It has helped a little. I bathe him every third day which also helps a little. I will try the Dawn soap next time to see how it works. Thank you.
Fleas, the dreadful fleas! We had this problem after I took my dog to have his nails cut.

You can try this: water, Dawn dish soap and vinegar mixture to give your dog a bath. Leave it on for a bit, while combing thoroughly before rinse. The make a spray bottle of vinegar and water, spay your dog before you let him outside.

This should prevent the fleas from jumping on the dog. I also add a few drop of apple cider vinegar in my dog drinking water to keep the fleas away.

Once the dog gets fleas, it seems to keep on getting fleas. This has worked for me so far.

Now, I gave him Advantix II every month, and a topical flea treatment, applying down his spine only in the summer months. During the winter he is off these, it is too cold for me to give him so much chemicals for nothing.